Bigg Boss 9 Day 46 26 November: Double Trouble ‘Birthday’

Bigg Boss 9  Day 46 26 November-

It’s a “Happy Birthday to You” morning song for Rochelle and Prince, who celebrate their Birthdays today.

later in the morning Rochelle missing her Beau Kieth starts to feel dispirited while she is upset for not having received any wishes from her man. Priya is smart by telling her that situations never always work in our favour by adding more harsh words on to harsh, she eventually aggravates her pain. Suyyash is seen taking charge of the situation by telling Priya not to intervene when friends talk, and chides her for Keeping Rochelle in dark while she clearly knows what Kieth’s situation is.

Bigg Boss 9  Day 46 26 November, Bigg Boss 9, Keith Sequeira, Priya Malik
Rochelle int an argument with Priya

He exhorts Rochelle to not to be affected by Priya’s words as this is her strategy to brainwash strong contestants. Showing unity Mandana too joins in to say that Priya’s game plan is to break the unity of the contestants while she says Rishabh has become her pet who would just follow her commands.

Bigg Boss 9  Day 46 26 November, Bigg Boss 9, Keith Sequeira, Priya Malik
Priya arguing with Suyyash over Rochelle.

Later in the day, when Priya is telling Suyyash about her Big Brother times, Kanwaljeet drops in to apologise to Priya for his last days behaviors

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Meanwhile, the captaincy task and its following benefits are announced by Bigg Boss. All the housemates need to wad into a stationed car. The one who survives till the end ie; the winner of the task will get two weeks immunity and will give some important roles in the entire procedure. Mandana is sanchalak of the task.

Bigg Boss 9  Day 46 26 November, Bigg Boss 9, Keith Sequeira, Priya Malik
Stationed Gadi ki Sawari

Bigg Boss 9  Day 46 26 November

Rimi blue teams captain from ‘Dairy’ task on being asked selects two worst performers, things get ugly when a difference of opinion is placed by Suyyash, Rochelle and Priya, landing Priya into tears, who cries to Rishabh and Digangana that housemates are ganging against her. Rishabh solaces her by informing her that as she is aware of secrets and strengths and weaknesses of the contestants, hence, they are scared of her.

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As soon as the captaincy task begins in the evening everyone reaches out to claim their spot in the car. Kanwaljeet gets no space hence, losses on to the opportunity to get the immunity. While Suyyash, Priya,kieshwar and Rishabh who are on the back seat, get into an argument especially Priya holds her agenda against the two “Bullies” who were pushing Rishabh out of the car. she accuses them for not understanding any task and are projecting their idiosyncrasies.

Bigg Boss 9  Day 46 26 November, Bigg Boss 9, Keith Sequeira, Priya Malik
Suyyash trying to make space for himself in the car.

Kieshwar gets back on to Priya that housemates are far better than the wild card entrants and they can not break their unity.

As the Day is ending Kanwaljeet is holding a discussion to other contestants about Rochelle to other contestants  saying that she is not strong enough and holds no chance in front of him.

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The episode is expected to witness the re-entry of Keith as Rochelle’s birthday gift. Keith had to leave the house due to the unfortunate demise of his younger brother. Let us see what this re-entry does to contestants.



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