Siya Ke Ram 27 January 2016: Love-Hate Bicker Of Laxman And Urmila, Sita Cooks For Ram

Siya Ke Ram 27 January 2016: Bharat is wondering why Kaikeyi is not happy with the union of Ram and Sita. Shatrughan tells him that she loves Ram a lot hence, they should have patience as both the mothers will talk to her.

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Siya Ke Ram 27 January 2016

Sunaina had invited Ram over for a meal, Sita is trepidatious worrying if Ram will like her food or not, Urmila decides to invite Ram and ask him about his favorite food so that Sita could cook accordingly a meal of his choice.

Raavan in a rage of his loss in the swayamvar tells Malyavaan that he wants to destroy Mithila and Janak should flutter until death, Everyone should know the power and greatness of Raavan. Mandodari notifies Raavan to think over it, he responds that thinking time is over and it’s the time to revenge. He orders his pandit to take out the right ‘Mahurat’ to attack Mithila while the Pandit informs that Kundli shows ‘Attacking Mithila will be inviting Lanka’s destruction’.

Siya Ke Ram 27 January 2016

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Urmila goes searching for Jija- Ram in the Vishwamitra ashram, as she was peeping through the cottage, Laxman aims his arrow at her, asking who she was. Urmila introduces herself, saying she wants to meet ‘Dasharath’s son’. Laxman responds ‘I am’, Urmila disregards him saying she was searching to Ram as she wants to know the kind of food he likes, the two start to bicker and start teasing each other, while, Laxman says that she is spicy hence, the food she cooks would be spicy as she talks spicey.

Siya Ke Ram 27 January 2016

Urmila gets irritated saying that he himself is spicy had Ram not calmed Parshuram the other day, he would have chopped off his neck. Meanwhile, Ram enters and he recognizes Urmila, saying she is a reflection of Sita, She asks him what sort of food he likes to which Ram replies any food cooked with love.

Taunting Laxman she questions Ram why brothers are not a reflection of each other, there is so much difference between the two. Ram says if Sita is cooking food, he will leave it to her and have food by her wish. She asks Laxman. Laxman says Sita would make good, anyone else would not have made such. He taunts Urmila. Urmila jokes on him and leaves smiling.

Siya Ke Ram 27 January 2016 Written Updates

Siya Ke Ram 27 January 2016

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She comes and informs Sita, and she is delighted to hear this, Urmila, continues her rage for Laxman while Sita tells her not to get after her ‘Devar- Laxman’, Urmila responds that She and Ram are both alike; mature and sorted, Ram scolded Laxman for teasing Urmila and she is scolding her for talking about Laxman.

Siya Ke Ram 27 January 2016

Urmila asks Sita what food she will serve Ram. Sita says whatever she has cooked. rest is on to him.

Dasharath has sent his men to give food to the people who brought the invite from Mithila.Manthra takes over the food and goes to those men, finding out that Sita is not actually Janak’s daughter while she is actually a Devi as she was found in a draughted land and when Janak was born from the land, the famine ended.

Ram is in love with the food cooked by Sita.

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