Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th January 2016: Chadda Gets To Know About Rohit Being Pallavi’s Son

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th January 2016: The episode starts with Ishita searching her car keys and Shagun comes abruptly to her. She said Rohit is not Pallavi’s and Chadda’s son as Chadda had no idea about this. Rohit suddenly starts crying and they run towards him. Mrs. Bhalla, Mihika and Amma stopped Sarika.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th January 2016
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th January 2016

Sarika told them that she took Ishita’s car for some work. Mihika said she told the police about her car. Sarika gets annoyed with her. Mihika replied that she was after Romi and Rohit and she had no right to say as she has no right to them.

Neelu informed Mrs. Bhalla and Romi that Rohit got hurt and Ishita took him to the hospital. They rushed immediately to the hospital and asked her. She said Rohit fell from the bed on the broken vase and got hurt seriously. Mrs. Bhalla and Romi fumes over Sarika for not handling Rohit.

In the hospital, Doctor asks for Rohit’s parents. Ishita said he was an orphan. He said then they have to find blood. Ishita calls Pallavi and asks her to come. She said she won’t come without Amar’s consent. Ishita said Rohit was in the hospital and he needed blood. Pallavi gets shocked. Ishita said that Nurse told Shagun about your delivery and they knew that Rohit was your baby. Pallavi agrees to go.

Pallavi gave him blood and asked them not to tell anyone about this. Pallavi said she loved a man and he died. She said she was pregnant and her parents married her with Amar. When he was in London I came to my parent’s home and Rohit was born at that time and sent him to an orphanage.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th January 2016 Written Updates

She said she had strictly told manager not to tell anyone about this. She said you had come between this so I had to target you. She said Amar would have never accepted this truth. But when she come to know that you and Raman were adopting him she was very happy.

Shagun and Ishita said they won’t tell this to anyone but what was wrong with her and her husband. Pallavi just ignored the question and said she was going as it was already late. She just removed the curtains and saw Chadda standing there. They all get shocked.

Ishita said she called her. Chadda signed her to stop and said it was their matter. He informed her that the adoption process started and they have gone wait for court’s decision. They leave. Ishita fears that Chadda might do something with her. Shagun asks her to be optimistic.

Pathak said he had no idea about saving Vandu as the college was also asking for her resign. Bala said it was mentioned in the blood report that he had taken drugs and did all that in drugged condition. Pathak said her mother was very rich and she had hired the best lawyer in the town and they can easily make fake evidence. Bala said we had proofs so we should not worry.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th January 2016
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th January 2016

Chadda gets drunk and thinks about Pallavi’s words. She gets tensed seeing her. She begs him to free her. Chadda asks her to shut up. He said why she didn’t tell him about Rohit as he was also his child. He said I would have brought him home. She gets shocked hearing this. She asks if he was not angry. Chadda said he was also a man not a beast and moreover he loved her. He hugs her and says that he will always care for her. Pallavi also says that she lives him too.

Next morning Ishita contacts Pallavi and asks her. Pallavi tslked very happily and said Chadda was not angry and he gave leave to all servants so thatche will make food for her and will send time with her. Ishita got happy.

Ishita also told Shagun that everything was fine between them and Chadda gave leave to all the workers so that he can spend time with her. Shagun said it must be something wrong. She said mostly husbands acted to live their wives first and beaten them in reality.

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