Skai Jackson ‘The Queen’ Exposing Racists On Social Media: George Floyd Death Case

Skai Jackson 'The Queen' Exposing Racists On Social Media: George Floyd Death Case
Skai Jackson 'The Queen' Exposing Racists On Social Media: George Floyd Death Case

The young actress Skai Jackson has been dubbed as The Queen of Exposing Racists on social media, especially Twitter, today. She is doing to bring people into the light who are spreading hate based on skin color. But, some of her fans are expressing that using her public platform to shame alleged racists could be dangerous.

On Friday, the former Disney Channel Star shared her idea of bringing names of those spreading hate based on race, to her fans. She has got over 300,000 fans on social media platforms. She has started a whole new and fully-fledged campaign against America’s most racial students.

If you know a racist and would like to expose them, dm me on Instagram and give me all videos/ screenshots, Instagram, and what school they go to. I might not answer but I do see it and will expose,” she wrote on Twitter. (check: George Floyd Criminal Record.)

After asking the proof, Skai Jackson started to receive tons of receipts. It seems that with the help of her powerful following, Skai feels like she is doing her civic duty in the best possible manner. It’s not just it, she even changed her bio on Twitter and listed her occupations as Actress, Author, and Racist Exposer.

With her powerful fan following, Skai started to list, compile, and post the identities of racists with no mood of stopping it. She posted the evidence of their alleged racism along with their school information. Her pinned tweet reads – “I expose racist all day, every day, 24/7, 10 days a week, and opened all hours.”

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  1. I think what this self-important person is doing is absolutely wrong. These people are exercising their First Amendment rights, as nasty as their comments may be, they are entitled to make them.
    If anything were to happen to them or their families over her messages exposing them and where they go to school etc. it would be directly on her period
    And lastly I’m not sure who died and made her the racist police


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