Will the Smartphones of the Future Make Mobile Casino Easier?

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For those in the tech community, it seems as though there is a new smartphone revealed every other day. The mobile industry is one of the most hyper-competitive there is. Most people use a smartphone daily and the race to develop the next big trend is progressing at a marathon pace. With 69% of smartphone users pledging allegiance to either Apple or Samsung, success in the industry means bringing out a feature or product that is completely revolutionary.

The mobile casino industry is also highly competitive, with sites and providers racing to bring out the freshest content and the most tech-savvy ways of playing. When looking at the two industries together, will the smartphones of the future make mobile casino easier – and will the necessary technology help one smartphone brand reign supreme?

Back to Basics: What Are Our Smartphones Used For?

When developing smartphones, it’s important to understand what we are doing on them. This influences what the next features will be. The rise in selfies and influencer culture led to the development of the advanced cameras in Samsung smartphones, for instance. All competitors are keenly focused on security, but a fingerprint or a facial recognition feature is hardly going to shake loyal smartphone enthusiasts from their current provider.

Statistics show that mobile gaming is definitely on the rise – with mobile gaming revenue accounting for more than half of all gaming revenue according to https://kommandotech.com/statistics/mobile-gaming-statistics/. So, focusing on how mobile gaming could be better adapted could help push smartphone developers towards the phones of the future. This encompasses the processing power, the graphics, interface, battery life, and a host of other features that gamers might look for. The gaming that phones should tailor themselves for spans basic app gameplay to games like Fortnite and even mobile casino games.

Will Two Screens Change Gaming?

Microsoft released information on its Surface Duo smartphone in August 2020 – a smartphone with two screens. The screens are connected by a seam that allows them to be folded, lay flat, or set up in a tent formation. Microsoft claims that people’s brains work differently with two screens, so they are promoting the phone as one that increases productivity. Interestingly, the phone itself is powered by Android. The gaming functionality for two screens could change the industry itself. The set-up is reminiscent of the handheld Nintendo DS according to https://www.cnet.com/features/.

The two-screen approach could be useful for casual gaming, as one screen could be devoted to the game, while the other could allow the player to keep an eye on the notification center, clock, or another aspect of the phone. Perhaps most importantly, the phone allows users to play Xbox games and is compatible with the Xbox controller. Sacrificing 5G technology to remain smaller and save battery life could either be a stroke of genius that means the smartphone could be primed for gaming for long sessions or a death knell as many without strong internet in public might be unable to use the features as intended.

How Can Phones Be Suited for Mobile Casino?

In a fight to attain as much of the mobile gaming pie as possible, offering two screens seems like an ingenious move. Desktop-based online casino sites have been updating their catalogs of games and ensuring that their titles are compatible with those who wish to engage on mobile. This means that the interface and usability of the site need to be adapted and games need to be adequately optimized. The greater the processing power, the more likely mobile casino players will be able to effortlessly engage with games such as live versions of poker, blackjack, and roulette.

When looking at the selection of games at https://games.paddypower.com/, it’s possible to see a growing range of live gameplay options, which require a certain level of phone power when played on the app. Smartphones will also need to ensure that as well as continuing to handle this live gameplay, their batteries are suitable for those who engage in casual gameplay and wouldn’t expect their phones to be depleted from a few discrete sessions.

Longer form gamers, such as those who dabble with Fortnite, might expect battery life to drain quicker and may need an even stronger processing chip. Apple is already under fire for its sluggish battery. If the number of gamers increases, battery life could be at the front and center of a consumer’s choice. Microsoft played it safe by trading in 5G compatibility to ensure their batteries lasted a sufficient amount of time.

The future of the mobile casino industry and the smartphone industry are intrinsically linked. The demand for one will lead to design features for the other. So, as the number of people who choose entertainment options on their smartphones grows, the smartphone industry will need to cater to them. The Microsoft Surface Duo can already be seen to do this. It’s sales figures when it goes to market in September 2020 will no doubt influence the other big names in smartphones too.

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