Who is Michael LaVaughn Robinson? How is Michelle Obama associated with him? Trends on Twitter after 2020 DNC speech

Who is Michael LaVaughn Robinson? How is Michelle Obama associated with him?
Who is Michael LaVaughn Robinson? How is Michelle Obama associated with him?

On August 18, 2020, Michael LaVaughn Robinson started trending on Twitter after the speech of Michelle Obama, the former First Lady of the USA. She delivered a speech as the US elections are around the corner, and spoke in favor of Joe Bidden, and against the current President of the United States – Donald Trump.

Not only Michelle, but Bernie Sanders also pitched for Biden for the US elections 2020. She spoke at the 2020 National Democratic Convention (NDC). According to her, Joe Biden has got a better character, he is more compassionate and more competent than President Trump for the future term.

There were some who liked Michelle’s speech while some didn’t like it. Time and again, Michael LaVaughn Robinson has again surfaced on the internet. Who exactly is he? We are a little familiar with “LaVaughn Robinson,” but not with “Michael.” So, let’s find out what the fuss is about.

Michelle Obama’s full name is Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama as mentioned on her Wikipedia page. So, we see the middle name comes from here. For a long time, there have been conspiracy theories that say Michelle had got her gender changed. According to them, before the surgery, he was MICHAEL.

On the other hand, Barack Obama is nicknamed “Barry.” However, his full & official name is Barack Hussein Obama II. Though born in Hawaii, USA, Barack has spent a good quality of time in Indonesia. His parents divorced in 1964, then his mother (Ann Dunham) married Lolo Soetoro. So, in Indonesia, Barack was sometimes called Barry Soetoro reflecting his stepfather’s surname. It is also trending on Twitter once again.

It’s a known fact that Michelle is a good support of LGBT rights. Probably, that’s why people on the micro-blogging platform are treating her like a transgender or a gay maybe as various it has been stated in various conspiracy theories. Sometimes, there have been websites producing satirical content that has her name involved in their articles.

One such satirical article was debunked by Snopes.com. It claimed that Michelle’s left all of her belongings to her son “Michael.” It went on to say that it’s illegal to change sex in Illinois, that’s why she had to use her original name. Based on this satire, the article claimed that he is Michael and not Michelle, originally.

One Twitter user has shared a picture of Michelle and Barack Obama in their early days.

After Michelle put blame on Trump for everything that has happened wrong in the country in the last four years, including the coronavirus pandemic, the supporters of Donald Trump came into his support. On Twitter, they said that she used pathetic lies and started using the hashtag #MichaelLaVaughnRobinson.

As the hashtag came into trending, people got into a state of confusion. Some started asking if the rumors are true while some continued writing based on the past and prevailing rumors and supported them. They believe she used to be a man once. But, after doing the surgical procedures, he became a woman. Some also claim that she is a transgender.

However, there is no fact-check article on that thing to date. But, there are several videos and articles claiming it to be true. One such video is below. In the video, we can see a woman claiming Michelle to be the first Black Lady as well as the first Transgender in the White House.

Since 2014, on the verified Facebook page of WFSB – Channel 3 Eyewitness News, there has been a post stating Michelle/Michael’s sex reassignment.

We already know that Obama’s daughters – Malia and Sasha – aren’t their real daughters. They have been adopted by the Obama couple and were delivered by their friend and physician Anita Blanchard. They were born at the University of Chicago Medical Center as mentioned on the Wikipedia page.

If you are still interested in this fuss of Michelle Obama or Michael LaVaughn Robinson, whatever or whoever she is, you can follow the following Reddit thread -> https://www.reddit.com/r/altnewz/comments/gu9hx3/michael_lavaughn_robinson_deep_state_tranny/

Keeping all the fuss aside, in the following video, you can briefly see the whole life biography of Michelle Obama.

Source: XNewsWeekly.com

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  1. Exactly what I expected from a Google search. Nothing but propaganda. Michelle is built like a man. It’s not fooling anyone and I knew the kids HAD TO BE ADOPTED.

  2. I”m convinced she’s a born man thru certain video’s and photos but she’s sure done a great job of it and looking like a beautiful female. very convincing!


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