Super Blue Blood Moon 2018 Live Streaming Info: Watch Total Lunar Eclipse Online and Pictures

Super Blue Blood Moon 2018 Live Streaming Info, Watch Lunar Eclipse Online and Pictures: Today is the time for the total lunar eclipse. But it is more than that for NASA, it is s a Super Blue Blood moon. Most of the parts of the world including India will get see this beauty of nature what we call super moon and total lunar eclipse.

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After many years this lunar is occurring which could be seen from the earth. The best visibility is addressed to be in western half of US and Canada after the moon rises. And the visibility travels the Pacific and finally into Asia.

The term blue moon means that it will be the second full moon occurrence in the same month. While the supermoon means the moment when the moon is closet to Earth in its orbit which is also known as perigee. It is 14 percent brighter than the normal moon.

Super Blue Blood Moon 2018 Live Streaming Info, Watch Lunar Eclipse Online and Pictures

Super Blue Blood Moon 2018 Live Streaming Info, Watch Lunar Eclipse Online and Pictures

The total LE means that the astrological phenomena when the shadow of Earth covers the whole moon’s surface and as a result blocks the sunlight. However, you have noticed the satellite takes the picture reddish.

This is so because our earth’s atmosphere allows only red wavelength to pass and called as the blood moon. Now, it is clear that the colour of the moon won’t change to blue. It is just to refer the second full moon in a single month.

The 2018 New Year started with the first full moon of the year. The moon will be appearing deep red in colour. In the USA, the last time when these events are occurring on the same day was 150 years ago in March 1866.

In every two-and-a-half years, the blue moon can be seen in the sky. This is the first time for the total LE to occur since 2015 in the United States of America. While on the other hand, the supermoons event is the one which occurs three to four times in a year.

In India, the event will commence around 6:15 pm IST and it will become total at sharp 6:21 pm and last long for about 20 minutes. After this time the moon will be free from the shadow of Earth and the totality will remain on it for about 1 hour and 16 minutes.

You will be able to see the partial eclipse till 8:41 pm. Now, you just need a clear sky view, some warm clothes and a chair to sit comfortably to watch the magic of nature.

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