Swaragini 31st March 2016: Tania escapes, Laksh freed of all charges

Swaragini 31st March 2016: The show begins with Swara telling Kavya cum Tania that she is mentally disabled and that she must stay in the mental asylum. Laksh stopped Tania and requested her not to say anything about her. But Tania argued her saying that he knows nothing about love as he betrayed her for Ragini.

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Swaragini 31st March 2016
Swaragini 31st March 2016

Ragini insults her and says that she will never understand anything about family and home. Tania warned Laksh and said that she will not spare him and will ruin her. Then inspector takes Tania away and Laksh asked him to take care that she is not able to escape from jail.

Swaragini 31st March 2016 Written Updates

Swara showed concern about Tania’s brother to which Inspector said that they soon will be able to catch him. At a sudden Tania grabbed inspector’s pistol and took Annapurna at gunpoint. She then pushed him away and escaped using Kathik’s bike. Other they followed her and saw her getting away.

Inspector immediately made a call to control room. Karthik tells her that he understood that something was wrong and so he decided to come there. Laksh and Sanskar tried to follow them in their car while Police used its own vehicle.

Tania and Karthik slipped from their bike and Karthik asked Kavya to run away as his leg was stuck by the stone. Within no time, Laksh Sanskar along with police are there and Laksh thrashes karthik and asked about Tania. Meanwhile, Inspector asked other constables to look for Tania nearby. Here Tania continuously thought of taking revenge from everyone whereas Laksh and Sanskar got back in their car.

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Swaragini 31st March 2016

Shekhar Sumi along with Ragini saw the news which said that Laksh is freed from all charges.  Durga Prasad also returned home from the police station and they all met their respective wives thereafter. Laksh cried and felt bad for him karma and he apologized to Annapurna for the same. Annapurna and later Durga Prasad hugged him and forgave him. Swara asked Sanskar to calm down and assured her that everything will be fine now. Sanskar hugged her saying that she knew that he never breaks his promise.

Dadi held Ragini’s hand and asked her about some protection thread. Ragini remembers tying the same on Laksh’s hand. Durga Prasad felt thankful to Swara and Ragini saying that they both have done too much for them.

Sujata agreed with him and hugged Swara and later announced about holi dahan. Annapurna said that now the masses will not blame them and then he told Swara that he wished to invite Ragini and her family for holika dahan. Here Sumi told Dadi about the same.

Shekhar accepted the invitation and but warned that they will not begin going there often. Sumi asked Ragini if she had any issues regarding the same. Ragini said No whereas requesting her to give some time to Dadi maa. Inspector tries to get info about Tania from Karthik.

Sanskar came to Sawara and thanked her for bringing the happiness back to their house. Swara cautioned him saying that they should not rest until Tania is caught and recalled her words about Holi dahan. Sanskar asked Swara to relax and that police will get hold of her soon. Swara in her mind gets worried and thinks that Tania must be planning something big.

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