Tashan-e-Ishq 15th June 2016: Twinkle and Yuvi finally become friends

Tashan-e-Ishq 15th June 2016: Palvi took Kunj to her house. She said to Kunj to stay there until he became fine. Twinkle removed some toys from cupboards. Twinkle said to Kunj’s picture was he reminds when he brought these toys for their child.

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Twinkle start crying and said to Kunj ti returned for his child, what was the future of their child without him. Yuvi, Bebee, and Anita saw this from outside of the room. Yuvi said to Babee and Leela that leave Twinkle alone, it would be better for her.

Pallavi was talking to Kunj. Someone knocked the door. Pallavi said to Kunj may be the girl came. Palvi opened the door and saw Kashmi. Kashmi talked to Kunj. Kunj was happy to hear her talks. Usha said to Twinkle to take some rest.

Tashan-e-Ishq 15th June 2016
Tashan-e-Ishq 15th June 2016

Usha gave a glass of milk to Twinkle but Twinkle ran from there for vomiting. Leela took ice cream for Twinkle and Babee took juice for Twinkle. Usha said to Babee that Twinkle became so weak so she needed healthy food.

Tashan-e-Ishq 15th June 2016 Written Updates

Twinkle was in her room. Yuvi came into her room and said to Twinkle that he came there to show her bills. Twinkle asked to Yuvi would he go with her for shopping. Yuvi agreed. Twinkle and Yuvi came into the market. Twinkle bought some clothes. Pallavi also came into the market to buy some medicine.

Palvi and Twinkle passed each other but did not see. Twinkle started to eat pani puri and she felt pain in her stomach. All people gathered around her. Yuvi asked them was a doctor there. Palvi saw the crowd and came near to see what happen but Yuvj and Twinkle left from there. She did not see them.

Yuvi took Twinkle into the hospital. Leela also came there. Twinkle said she went inside only with Leela. Yuvi waited outside. Twinkle saw another pregnant lady into the hospital. Twinkle said to Leela that she took care of her alone so she would also take care of her child.

Tashan-e-Ishq 15th June 2016

A lady said to Usha and Babee that she wanted Twinkle to become her bahu. The lady said there was a problem in her son’s feet and Twinkle also need support in her life. Twinkle came there and said them that she did not need any support.

Yuvi also supported her and said that Twinkle was a very strong lady and she could face all the problems alone. Yuvi gave the example of Leela for this. He said like Leela lived her life Twinkle also lived like that because she had courage for this. Leela silently saw Yuvi.

The ladies left from there. Yuvi said Sorry to Usha and Babee for talking in their family matters. Twinkle said thanks to Yuvi and said that now she would become his friend. Yuvi and Twinkle become a friend of each other.

Will Yuvi and Twinkle’s friendship change into love?

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