Tashan-e-Ishq 31st May 2016: Twinkle does not find Kunj anywhere

Tashan-e-Ishq 31st May 2016: Yuvj tried to found Anita. He showed Anita’s picture to everyone but nobody told him about her. Yuvi reminds that his mom always hides into south Goa whenever she fought with his father. Twinkle asked inspector was they found Kunj.

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Inspector said their team was searching him but they did not found Kunj anywhere. Inspector told Twinkle that there was very high tides may be it possible Kunj died. Twinkle said no Kunj would be alive maybe he was wounded so they face difficulty in finding him.

Leela thought that all this happen due to Yuvi and Leela she will never forget them. Yuvi reached to his mom’s house but did not found her. Twinkle, Leela, and babee went to Church to pray for Kunj. Babee said to Twinkle that they must go to Gurudwara.

Tashan-e-Ishq 31st May 2016
Tashan-e-Ishq 31st May 2016

Twinkle said to Babee that God is one so no difference between Church and Gurudwara. Babee agrees from itTwinkle told Babee that if after lighting the candle if flower fell down then the wish completed. Twinkle started to pray. She prayed to God to give her Kunj back. Babee and Leela also prayed.

Tashan-e-Ishq 31st May 2016 Written Updates

After the praying the flower did not fell on Twinkle, Babee said to Twinkle that the flower did not fell on her. Twinkle said she did not care because she knew that her Kunj would be fine. As they started to leave suddenly a flower fell down on Twinkle, they all became happy. Twinkle got a called from the inspector. Inspector said they found a man near the sea.

Twinkle went to the hospital she found another lady. The nurse said the lady also came there to found her husband. Twinkle said to the lady only one of them went home happily.  Manohar and Usha came there. Usha asked Twinkle where was her son.

Twinkle said that inspector found someone and they came here to see him. Inspector came there and took both to the ward. The lady recognized her husband. Twinkle became said. Inspector said to them that if they did not found Kunj in next 24 hours then they would declare him dead.

Tashan-e-Ishq 31st May 2016

Twinkle said how they could do that until they found a dead body. Manohar said to Inspector that Anita and Yuvraaj do all this. They made plan many times to killed Kunj and Yuvi was with Kunj when the accident take place. He also said to the inspector to arrest them. Inspector said ok they would do this.

Yuvi was searching for Anita, suddenly he got a called from Anita. Anita said that Manohar put blame on them and police were searching them so had hidden himself. Yuvi said he never did this. He said to Anita to come here and surrender herself to police.

Will Yuvi able to find Anita?

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