Things To Do In Between Delivery Shifts

Things To Do In-Between Delivery Shifts
Things To Do In-Between Delivery Shifts

Working in logistics as a delivery driver can be demanding, and for those that work a lot, multiple shifts can start to blur into one if you don’t have much time between your working hours. Whether you’re delivering groceries, parcels, or large truck loads of produce around the country, everyone in the logistics business will be trying to maximize the time they have between shifts.

If you’re unsure about what’s best for you when you’re off shift but are due to be behind the wheel soon, here’s what to do to make the most of that time between shifts.


As a driver, ensuring you’re well rested is crucial for performance and safety. No matter what size of vehicle you drive, you do not want to be operating it if you’re feeling tired.

A lack of sleep can impact your reaction times, can cause you to make bad decisions when on the road, and will overall impact your driving. If you have the time between your shifts, try to squeeze in a moment or two for sleep so you can recharge and get back on the road feeling fresh.

A lot of drivers who work a night shift opt to stay awake during the time off they have during the day to maximize their time. This can easily lead to fatigue and also destroy your body clock. Instead, make it one of your priorities to schedule time for sleeping. Even if you only have time for an hour’s nap before you’re back on the road, that time resting will do you a lot of good.


When you’re driving, although you’ll be covering a lot of distance, you yourself are sat inactive for a long time.

When you’re not working and have time between shifts, try and get some exercise in, as this will freshen you up and impact your body for the better.

A light jog can help get the blood pumping and can really benefit you, and some stretching can help ease the aches and pains that you might be feeling. Be sure to prioritize your circulation, as that’s what’s at risk when you’re driving all day.

Entertain yourself 

One of the best things to do between your shifts is to engage in some form of entertainment that can take your mind off work. This helps keep your mind fresh and relaxes you, ensuring that you’re in good shape for when you’re back on the road.

If you’re off shift between deliveries and aren’t at home, one of the best points of access to entertainment is your phone. With the device, you can stream videos and play games. One of the best gaming options for drivers is casino gaming. This is because each game is short, meaning that you don’t have to sink in that much of your break into it, and it’s also thrilling and can help you add some excitement.

The joy of getting a bet correct can be awesome and is an easy thing to get into when you’re in-between shifts. To find the best casino games, use casino roo.

Eat well 

Whether you’re a trucker or a delivery driver, it’s very easy to fall into bad eating habits when on the road, as it’s easier to choose fast food due to its convenience. Plus, the potential boredom of a long, uneventful drive can also make you want some delicious treats to spice up the drive.

When you’re in between shifts, it can really benefit your health to try and eat well. This means staying within the advised calorie limit for your gender and eating a well-balanced diet. The problem as a driver is that if you’re trying to prepare your own healthy meals and bring them with you, they’ll need to be able to last without refrigeration. This can be a problem, but you can still eat salads, healthy sandwiches, and some fruit.

When you eat well in between your shifts, you’ll feel better and more able to perform well.


Driving is a tough role. When you’re on the road a lot, those breaks in between shifts when you can relax are something that many look forward to and use as motivation to get them through a tricky drive.

The issue is that once those breaks between shifts roll over, many workers are left not maximizing them to their full potential. When you have a break, try to include some, if not all, of the suggestions in the article.

By following this advice, you’ll have a much better experience as a courier or truck driver. By sleeping well, you’ll feel much more rested, and you’ll also have more energy. Eating good food can also make you feel more revitalized, not to mention that exercise and good entertainment can help freshen you up and prepare you for your next shift.

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