Three Lockdown Trends That We Wouldn’t Mind Keeping

If we’re being honest, there are not too many things from the past twelve months that we are particularly desperate to hold on to. If we described the period of time from March 2020 to now as a nightmare from hell, it feels like that would be putting it lightly. The pandemic has thrown our personal and professional lives into turmoil, it has made us worry about our health and our livelihoods, it has kept us indoors for months at a time, and it has kept us from seeing our loved ones anywhere except a video call. So, no, we are not going to be too sad to see the back of the Coronavirus pandemic, are we?

With that being said, some of the ways that we have found to work around the pandemic and to keep on trucking despite everything that is happening outside in the world have been pretty impressive. Some have been pre-existing trends that have been given a huge boost in popularity thanks to the closure of physical commercial spaces. Some have been shifts in awareness that feel like they should have been made a long time ago. And others feel like they could only have come about in a situation that affects absolutely everyone, such as this one.

As we look forward to summer with its promise of better weather, relaxed restrictions and more and more people getting vaccinated, let’s take a look at some of the lockdown trends and innovations that we wouldn’t mind seeing stick around.

A Rise In Online Dating

When the world locked down, there were a lot of questions for couples. How would they handle being stuck in the same house all the time if they’d only just moved in? If they weren’t living together at that point, would they make the jump now or stay separate? As everyone got flustered about support bubbles, single people wondered what on earth they would do about dating. The good news was that there was a solution.

Over the course of the pandemic, dating apps saw a huge rise in their user numbers, with online chat and video calls getting a big boost. Now, while we are sure that there will be plenty of people out there who will always prefer looking for a connection out in public, dating apps have been a great way for people who may be a little nervous or lacking in confidence to get out there and find that special someone.

It’s going to be a little while yet before we’re all back in the crowd at gigs or nightclubs, so online dating could be the new normal for some time yet to come.

We All Got On Board With Online Gambling

Gambling is like any favourite activity that you have been doing for a long time: once you find the game, location or style that works for you, you tend to stick to it. Whether it’s a recipe, a route to work, or playing slots, we tend to become creatures of habit unless something comes along to change our outlook. Well, there’s nothing quite like a pandemic to force you to find a new way to enjoy your favourite hobby, and when the stay-at-home orders came through and the casinos and other gambling locations closed their doors, a lot of people discovered what many of us have known for years: online gambling offers an incredible range of games, bet amounts and options.

Take online slots for example. Now, there are clearly legions of people out there who have been enjoying playing online for years, perhaps ever since it was brought into being in the late 90s. However, given how the numbers of people enjoying it went up during 2020, we’d be willing to bet that there are an awful lot of people out there who have found their new favourite hobby.

Whether you’re just dipping your toe into these waters for the first time or you’re a seasoned player hunting for the best online slot bonuses, you can take things at your own speed and own comfort level. If you want a handy guide to the best sites out there, Roger has a detailed breakdown to help you get started along with tips for the best sign-up bonuses.

We’re Being More Open About Health In General

Maybe it is precisely because the last year or so has left us all feeling so isolated, but it feels like everyone around the world has made a greater effort not only to connect, but to understand. One of the consequences of this is that we have seen an awful lot of worrying reports about issues related to mental health, and while it is truly upsetting that we are in this situation, we should not ignore the fact that we are talking about them. The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the mental health of people from all backgrounds and of all ages has been undeniable, ant it has shone a light on both how difficult it can be talk about these issues and the importance of a good framework and support system to care for people who suffer from them.

But it’s not just limited to mental health. It feels like everyone has been forced to take a step back and consider all aspects of their health. For example, in the UK there was a surge in sales of fresh fruit and vegetables as the nation found a lot of its go-to restaurants and cafes temporarily closed. As we were forced to spend the vast majority of our time indoors, outside time became precious and people of all ages started working on a fitness regimen to make sure they stayed healthy.

Whether you were sweating on a gym mat in your front room to a YouTube tutorial, stretching out in the park, or jogging the long way home, we have all made that extra effort to take care of our minds and our bodies. We certainly won’t lose any sleep about putting the reason behind this behind us, but we should all be hopeful that this increased awareness will continue long after we’ve waved the pandemic goodbye.

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