Tom Hanks & Jeffrey Epstein Flight Logs: Hanks Didn’t Travel With Epstein In His Private Plane

Tom Hanks Jeffrey Epstein Flight Logs
Tom Hanks Jeffrey Epstein Flight Logs, Tom Hanks Epstein Friendship, Hanks and Epstein Flew Together

The arrest of Jeffrey Epstein’s long-time girlfriend and partner Ghislaine Maxwell has allowed a bunch of conspiracy theories to emerge. Last week, Chrissy Teigen was accused of traveling with Epstein in his private plane. And now, Tom Hanks & Jeffrey Epstein are accused of sharing a flight together. Check out Hanks and Epstein flight logs.

Epstein’s flight logs got revealed online earlier this week; the list contains the names of big Hollywood celebrities, politicians, and social workers. Surprisingly, the ‘Forest Gump’ star is also on the list along with Chrissy Teigen, Kevin Spacey, Bill Clinton, etc.

Despite being on the list, Chrissy Teigen has denied the accusations. Rumors stated that at 12 years of age, she traveled on Epstein’s private aircraft, Lolita Express. The fans have accused her multiple times during her career of being involved in Epstein’s child-trafficking racket. Check Tom Hanks Epstein’s details.

Tom Hanks and Jeffrey Epstein Relation: Did Hanks Travel With Epstein?

The latest burst in speculations suggests that Tom Hanks once shared a flight with the sex offender and child abuser Jeffrey Epstein. Conspiracy theorists are suggesting that they were friends and knew each other very well. Check Tom Hanks Jeffrey Epstein flight logs.

From the list of people on flight logs, the presence of Kevin Spacey, Naomi Campbell, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and Chris Tucker has been confirmed so far.

Bill Clinton Kevin Spacey Chris Tucker Jeffrey Epstein Flight Logs
Bill Clinton Kevin Spacey Chris Tucker Jeffrey Epstein Flight Logs

The flight details show that Bill took about 26 trips on the private jet from 2001 to 2003.

Kevin Spacey flew to African in 2002 as part of a project to raise awareness on the deadly virus of AIDS. He traveled along with Bill Clinton and comedian Chris Tucker.

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Naomi Campbell flew in the multi-million dollar airplane in 2002. She acknowledged the accusations in 2019 after Jeffrey attended her 31st birthday.

It is not confirmed whether or not Tom Hanks traveled on the plane and unless a detailed report from the airport or plane’s pilot is revealed online, we cannot be sure of Tom Hank’s presence on the Lolita Express.

UPDATE: According to the flight logs obtained by, Tom Hanks did not travel on the Lolita Express. Check the complete list. You can search the name of the accused by pressing Ctrl+F or tap Find in Chrome mobile.

In the meantime, take a look at the list of people rumored to have traveled with Jeffrey in his aircraft.

Tom Hanks Jeffrey Epstein Flight Logs
Tom Hanks Jeffrey Epstein Flight Logs – The list was shared by a Reddit user in r/Epstein subreddit.

What do you think about Tom Hanks, Jeffrey Epstein? Were they friends or associates in the sex-trafficking racket? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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Stay tuned with TCD for more updates and revelation on Jeffrey Epstein’s wrongdoings.

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