Tower of God Episode 9 Release Date and Kami no Tou Anime Spoilers: Time for Team B’s Test

Tower of God Episode 9 Release Date, Watch Online Live Stream Eng Dub, Spoilers
Tower of God Episode 9 Release Date, Watch Online Live Stream Eng Dub, Spoilers

It’s time for Tower of God episode 9 now. Till the last segment, we saw team Khu finishing the allotted test. Now, Bam and his team are going to take it over. In the upcoming episode of Kami no Tou, it will be interesting to see if the next team on the list would be able to succeed or not. (check: One Piece Chapter 980.)

Though the team A got defeated, we got to know that it wasn’t the fault of the team’s leader Khun. He actually didn’t betray them. This situation made Khun realize and show him his true friends. The confusion of Lero-Ro turned out to be beneficial for Khun personally. After Team A, now it’s the time for Team B.

Here, we are sharing everything that we have learnt about the upcoming episode of Tower of God. So, let’s dive deeper into the guide to know when is it going to premiere, where can you watch it online for free and paid, and also don’t forget the spoilers. They can be found below on this very page.

Tower of God Episode 9 Release Date

If everything goes as per the schedule, then we will be able to watch it on May 21, 2020, Thursday at 12:30 am JST. However, if anything goes wrong, it could very well be postponed to adjust other things. If it does happen, we will let you know what’s next for Kami no Tou. You just need to take care of the timezone mentioned here.

Tower of God Episode 9 Watch Online

In order to watch episode 9 of Kami no Tou, you will be required to have a subscription of at least one of the following – Tokyo MX, BS11, Gunma TV, or Tochigi TV. With any one of them, you would be able to catch the latest updates of the anime as per the scheduled time.

But, in some of the countries, there is no access to those local television channels of Japan. So, if it’s the case with you, then you are left with no option other than just watch Bam and his friends on some streaming service available online like Crunchyroll with Japanese audio and English subtitles. (check: Kung Fu Panda 4.)

As of now, you can catch it on Crunchyroll and VRV. However, if you fail to find the forthcoming episode of Kami no Tou, we will recommend you to visit the official media partners of the anime. Visiting them will help you in finding out if there has been any change in the schedule.

The English dub episode 9 will be available on Crunchyroll on July 15, 2020. It’s because streaming of English dubbed episodes began on May 20 with its very first episode. Every Wednesday, one English dubbed episode is being released.

Tower of God Episode 9 Release Date, Watch Online Live Stream Eng Dub, Spoilers
Tower of God Episode 9 Release Date, Watch Online Live Stream Eng Dub, Spoilers

Kami no Tou Episode 9 Spoilers

Team B is assuming that the ranker, who has beaten Team A, will stay easy with them. B is just hoping nothing goes out of the plan. But, Hatsu is getting very different vibes from the ranker. The rage of ranker hasn’t gone down yet. He is still enraged and it can be felt from very far away.

Hatsu is preparing himself to tackle the ranker and counteract his attacks if he does attack them. As soon as the ranker appeared, Hatsu tried to punch him, but he successfully managed to dodge his attack. Hatsu tried to attack and defeat him, but the ranker managed to counter him every time. Their battle paused for a moment and the ranker got to analyze Hatsu’s attacks.

In the next scene, we will see Bam and Androssi. In the next shot, the flashback of Androssi is featured while she is still in talks with Bam. Here, Androssi played a trick. It was that while revealing her past, she made all the fisherman come around her. As soon as it happened, she made them locked down in a circle. Then, she told everyone that whoever leaves the circle dies.

In the meantime, the two battles began one between Hatsu and the ranker and the other one between the princess and the fishermen. Meanwhile, Rachel and his teammate discovered that something unexpected is happening. Suddenly, someone tells Rachel that Bam is being targeted by someone.

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