Adult Swim’s Tuca & Bertie Revived For Season 2: Check Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and All Details

Tuca and Bertie Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, Episodes, Adult Swim News & Updates
Tuca and Bertie Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, Episodes, Adult Swim News & Updates

Tuca and Bertie came out in 2019 and was canceled right after three months of its release. Despite being the best-animated series of all time received positive responses. It was also well rated and loved by the audience. Rotten Tomatoes had a rating of whopping 98%. It was unfortunate for its lovers when the show got canceled.

It made way for numerous essays to be written for the creators to bring the show back. The show is created by Lisa Hanawalt who is also a producer and creator of BoJack Horseman. However, recently Adult Swim announced that the show is coming back with a second season inclusive of ten episodes. The news was announced on Twitter. Looking at the photos uploaded for next installment, we could tell how excited the team is.

Adult Swim has built an audience on its own and Tuca & Bertie is another show that fans will enjoy. It did well because of how bright, courageous, and encouraging it was. Well, that is certainly very good news for all the fans. Let’s get into the details of season two and find out what is in store for us.

Who is in Tuca and Bertie season 2? Cast & Characters

We will be seeing our main cast back in the show. We will see Tiffany Haddish as Tuca and Ali Wong as Bertie. In the first season, we heard Steven Yuen as Speckle, Bertie’s boyfriend. There were some others who made a cameo-like Nicole Byer, Richard E. Grant, John Early, Reggie Watts, Tig Notaro, Amber Ruffin, Jermaine Fowler, and Tessa Thompson.

However, it is not confirmed who will be making guest appearances this installment. We can at least expect the main characters to be back. (check: Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8.)

What will happen in Tuca and Bertie season 2? Plot

The show follows to Bird Ladies in their 30’s living in the same building. The main focus is on their friendship. While Bertie is an anxious and daydreaming songbird, Tuca is a cocky, care-free toucan. Tuca is a newly sober best friend of Bertie who works odd jobs and depends on her aunt Tallulah for support.

While Bertie is a career-minded and a senior operations analyst at Conde Nest. Steven, Bertie’s boyfriend is an architect. The story follows around them and their daily life. The season one finale Tuca nearly leaving Bertie behind after having a misunderstanding with her family.

Fortunately, in the end, Tuca took a decision to live with her aunt and siblings as she thought to give a try to fix their relationship. So, season 2 could feature the two best friends living and navigating through their 30s. (check: 13 Reasons Why Season 5 Release Date.)

Is there any trailer for Tuca and Bertie season 2?

As far as we know, season two has been set to be released sometime in 2021. So, we are hoping to see the trailer by the end of 2020. However, nothing is confirmed yet. We will update you first as soon as any news drops in. Until then, you can watch the teaser below.

When will Tuca and Bertie season 2 release (date)? Premiere

As of now, the news for the air date is not confirmed. It was stated that the release will most probably be in 2021. Our guesses say it will likely come out in early or mid-2021. If they are willing to follow the tradition it may come out in May 2021. The series is new to Adult Swim, it’s hard to predict when we would be able to watch the first episode.

Moreover, the current world situation has halted all the productions. Therefore, whenever it comes, it surely is going to be worth it since a lot of us have been waiting for the show. Also, the show is going to be animated by ShadowMachine.

The show is available to stream on Netflix.

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