Twitter New Feature: How To Turn Off Comments & Limit Replies on Twitter

Twitter Feature: How To Limit/Activate Who Can Reply To Your Tweets
Twitter Feature: How To Limit/Activate Who Can Reply To Your Tweets

Twitter New Feature: Twitter unveiled through their official account in a tweet on May 20 that they are testing a new feature that would allow us to control who can reply to our tweets. And we will provide a full answer as to How To Use Limit Replies & Who can Reply Feature on Twitter?

Earlier, Twitter users have complained about receiving hate comments and not related to the tweet posted whatsoever. To iron out the issue, they are experimenting with a feature that will allow us to choose who can reply to our posts and become a part of the conversation. Meanwhile, it still can be liked and retweeted by other users.

While testing the feature, the social media giant also posted a tweet the next day on May 21 to see its effectiveness. Putting a prerequisite that could not be completed, Twitter asked people if you can reply to this tweet. You will get a blue tick on your profile instantly. But there was a catch, and it is Twitter Who Can Reply Feature or Limit Replies Feature.

Twitter New Feature

Twitter Feature: How To Limit/Activate Who Can Reply To Your Tweets
Twitter Feature: How To Limit/Activate Who Can Reply To Your Tweets

People were going gaga that they will be verified without doing anything. Just a reply and that’s all. But soon it became evident that the post was non-reply-able. Twitters expressed their feelings as below:-

Twitter said in that tweet, “A new way to have convo with exactly who you want. We’re starting with a small % globally and keep your eyes (Emoji) out to see it in action.” See it below.


The update will be slowly rolled out to all the geographic locations. Currently it is only available to some top Twitter users for test purposes, so the developers can see if the Who Can Reply Twitter feature is working effortlessly or not.

We can expect the feature to completely implemented over the course of 1 month.

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How to Activate/Use Who Can Reply To Tweet Feature?

The process is straightforward and simple. You do not require to jump to settings or turn on this feature from settings. It will be available by-default while you are composing your tweet. Follow the process to control who can reply to our tweets:-

  • Compose your tweet, i.e. write your text and mention people if you want.
  • Tap on the Permissions settings available below the text section.
  • The Earth icon with “Everyone can Reply” is selected by default in the beginning.
  • Choose who can reply. There will be three options available:-
    1. Everyone
    2. People You Follow
    3. Only People You Mention
  • Now anyone can view and retweet your tweet. But only those you invited can reply to the conversation.

Twitter has received cyberbullying and harassment complaints about a very long time. And there have cases where people took life-threatening steps to avoid the social-drama that comes after such an act.

Twitter Who Can Reply Feature arrives at the appropriate time when everybody is practicing self-quarantine to avoid getting affected by the global pandemic outbreak of COVID-19. Because people are free for most of the day and social media comes at the rescue. They can troll anyone or post anything which might affect someone’s feelings.

Common FAQs

Does Control Twitter Who Can Reply Feature Needs Special Activation?

No, you do not any special activation. It is presented to you right where you write your tweet.

Does it Affect who can see and retweet the tweet?

Also no, the feature only affects the replies settings. It would not affect likes or retweets. Your tweet is still like-able & retweet-able by all Twitter users.

Twitter Reply Control Feature: Netizens Joked & Posted Memes

Avid twitters and internet users were soon making jokes and memes about this Twitter New Feature. I guess they cannot roast celebrities now. Following are some memes:-

The question of the hour is that people will use this feature in a non-friendly way. As we know the Internet is full of people spreading fake news and information about others. So they cannot be corrected now by replying back in the comment section. They will use this feature as a defense mechanism.

What do you think will happen? Is Twitter New Feature ‘Who Can Reply’ good? We would love to hear your opinions in the comments. And stay tuned for more updates.

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