Universal Credit Card Might Be a New Finding By LG

LG Universal Credit Card: The world is getting technically smart with every passing day and with lots of innovative ideas all around to make the lives of people more easier and stress-free, LG soon come up with a universal credit card, which will be called as “White Card”.

Apple and Google, the top notch tech companies of the world had already launched the mobile payment systems through which online payment can be done with the traditional card-swipe terminals.

Few other companies with the likes of Coin, Swyp and Plastc have already tried the concept of the same.

A universal credit card is a simple and compelling idea with the help of that, anyone can store all the cards in a single card and also get the option to choose the one which user wants to use with a simple UI.

LG Universal Credit Card

LG Universal Credit Card
LG Universal Credit Card

However, with many companies have tried it, the execution of plan has not been so much great but with LG is looking for an initiative into it. It is expected that soon we are going to have a more powerful universal credit card than ever before.

It is predicted that the step by LG will carry some standard features into it with the likes of ‘a low power display’. It will notify the user that which service is active, various buttons to select them and contacts to keep it charged up.

According to reports, it has been told that the user will be able to not only make a payment at any retail store but also withdraw money from any ATM.

A unit of 50,000 White Cards has been pre-released by LG for test basis and later than, surveys will be conducted among the users so that the future could be decided for the LG service.

As per the sources reports, the name given to the universal credit card will be “White Card” and more details related t it will be announced in the second half of February.

LG has already garnered partners like KB card, Lotte card and Shinhan card.

It is also possible that the solution provided by LG in the form of a universal credit card not a great idea as it doesn’t come up with any long term solution but still, the move by LG is for the majority of the people in the region of USA, Europe, who still are using the conventional method for payment via card-swiping. (see: Pro Bowl 2016 live streaming.)

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