Netflix’s Vampires Season 2 Release Date, Episodes & Cast: Will There Be Another Series?

Vampires Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, Episodes, Spoilers, Netflix News & Series Updates
Vampires Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, Episodes, Spoilers, Netflix News & Series Updates

If you loved Twilight Saga and The Vampire Diaries, then Vampires is a must-watch for you. Netflix released Vampires in March 2020 and became an instant hit amongst the audience. The show follows the life of a Paris teen who struggles with her dual identity as half-human and half-vampire.

Since the show has been concluded many of its fans are waiting for the renewal of the show. The first segment left us with a cliff-hanger and made its way for another installment. So will there be a season two? Let’s find out everything we know so far.

Will there be Vampires season 2?

Usually, Netflix renews the series after a few months of its release. Although so far there has been no announcement on the renewal, we are hoping that we will get to see another installment. Most of the time, the renewal depends on the viewership rate.

Since it came out during worldwide quarantine, the show did immensely well and received a good response. With the way the first installment ended, the door for season two was wide open. If it gets renewed, we may see it in March 2021. Given the current situation, there may be some delays. If that happens, we may not get to see it until late 2021 or early 2022.

Who is in Vampires season 2? Cast

We are hoping to see most of the main cast return back for another run. Without Oualaya Amamra, who plays the role of Doina, the show will be incomplete. Oualaya is a well-known name in the French industry. She has won an award at the AFI Fest for her brilliant performance in Divines.

Along with her, we will see her love interest Nacer played by Dylan Robert and Aliocha Schneider as Ladislas. We may also see Suzanne Clement as Doina’s mother and Kate Moran as Csilla Nemeth.

Since no announcement has been made so far, it is unclear if we will see any new characters.

What will happen in Vampires season 2? Plot

In the first installment, we saw how Doina struggled with her dual identity as a half-human and half-vampire. Her mother compelled her to take a pill that was made by her father to suppress her vampire genes.

But she stopped one day and realized that there was no going back. In the finale, Doina’s father came back and was faced by Andrea, her brother. It was revealed that her father was no longer a human; he had become a vampire.

So far nothing has been revealed or said about installment two, but we are anticipating that the second installment will begin from where it left off. It will be interesting to see where Doina’s relationship goes. Her love triangle has a lot of potential for season two.

We may finally get the answer as to why Redouane came back to town and how he became a vampire. The show may also explore the downfall of the community. (check: What/If Season 2.)

Let us know what you think may happen in the next installment. (check: Lucifer Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes and Everything Else To Know About Netflix Series.)

Is there any trailer for Vampires season 2?

Since the show has not been renewed yet, the trailer for the show has not come out. If the show gets renewed, we may see a trailer in early 2021 or late 2021, depending on its release date.

However, you can watch the trailer for the first installment below.

Vampires Season 2 Episode Count

The show consisted of six episodes, and the runtime was forty minutes. We may likely see six episodes in season two as well, and it is expected to be the same.

You can stream the show on Netflix.

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