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Ways to maximize your pharma company’s online profile and expand into new markets

Ways to maximize your pharma company’s online profile and expand into new markets

In the last 30 or so years, the internet and computers have revolutionized almost all market sectors and changed society as we know it. Indeed, looking back, it’s almost impossible to fathom how companies managed to function in the pre-internet age.

However, while the web has afforded firms of all sizes in all sectors to take advantage of a global marketplace, it has also opened up considerable competition, and keeping a company ahead of its rivals often proves to be an ongoing challenge.

In today’s connected world, it’s now more important than ever that your firm maintains a strong online presence to stay competitive and one step in front of the wealth of other companies operating in the limited pharma space.

If you’re finding you’re lagging behind your rivals in terms of online opportunities, below are some tried and tested tips you could employ to improve your digital profile.

Invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Investing in a website is just one small part of the process of being online these days. In a world where there are now more web pages than people, your site must be able to be found by your clients – both potential and existing.

Getting your site to the top of the search engines is vital to attracting new business and solidifying your market leader reputation. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the complex and detailed process of ensuring sites list high in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and should be put at the top of your list of priorities to ensure you stay front and center in the minds of your customers. After all, if your site isn’t seen, it won’t be performing a useful role for your firm.

Get social and start building your profile across the major platforms

Once many company bosses viewed social media almost with derision and saw it as little more than a space for adolescent grumbling, the social platforms have evolved to become an essential tool in a company’s marketing arsenal. These days, clients expect firms to be active in the major social services. So, at a minimum, you should have Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts – but don’t discount other platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn.

Most importantly, you’ll need to actively maintain and update these accounts, so you’ll need to ensure you have the right mobile tech to make updates as and when required. For example, if you’re on the move and have just landed a new contract or have a new product announcement, you should make sure your mobile device is powerful enough to post images or even produce complex documents.

In addition, investing in a fast laptop like those produced by Lenovo will allow you to make and post engaging social updates – including video files if required – and all while on the move.

Produce engaging, compelling content

Whether you’re updating your main site or are just posting to the social platforms, you need to make sure the content you’re producing has a hook and is of interest to your audience. Writing compelling headlines is a great way to generate interest but remember the information in the article also needs to be similarly informative and interesting.


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