5 Global Sportsbooks worth a bet in Canada

5 Global Sportsbooks worth a bet in Canada

Sports betting is on the rise in Canada, especially with the recent legal improvements, but what’s the ideal place to place a bet? You may go the traditional way, walk into a national lottery store, and scream to the agent that you’ve meant 1X, not X2, in a loud atmosphere. Or you could go with one of the global operators that provide even better odds online.

A recent federal law has cleared the murky waters in which sportsbooks and bettors alike were swimming. A legal framework was created for single-event bets. Players were already spending billions a year on sports predictions. Still, single-event wagers had been in a grey legal area.

Nobody was ever arrested for placing a loonie on Toronto Blue Jays’ match. In a classic store, though, you would have been refused the bet or asked to add another game to make it eligible. On the contrary, online betting operators have allowed such bets since forever, allowing their players to earn better.

Yes, you can earn better when you stick to single bets and choose your matches wisely.

Chances increase if you work with a consistent strategy. Do your homework before jumping into a wager. Take it to the next level with betting books, or look for the guidance provided by statistics. You have to be able to weigh the odds somehow; otherwise, it’s purely a game of chance. And you know that’s not the case. Knowledge is power. With the right analysis, a little bit of intuition and basic common sense, your bets can reach a whole new dimension.

Sooner or later, you’ll realize that online betting is here to stay. If you haven’t made the switch yet, we have the crème de la crème ready for you.

5 Global Sportsbooks worth a bet in Canada

·       1xbet

We kickstart our compilation of the best online bookies with a Curacao-licensed operator that can be accessed from many countries worldwide. Although some players would be afraid to sign-up here, given the shady nature of the Curacao license, we think they shouldn’t stress.

1xbet has the most comprehensive selection of events and a considerable number of markets for each. For example, other bookmakers rarely provide lower-tier matches, and when they do, the options are usually very limited to winners or goal lines.

To help you get an idea, a third-tier football match from Hungary had almost 200 betting options on 1xbet at the time of writing this article. The same game appeared on William Hill, too but was limited to just 20 options.

1xbet’s reputation was somehow stained by scandals involving live streaming cockfights and topless women at live casino tables. But, as players ourselves, we must appreciate that they give us a chance to actually win with their highly diverse markets and fair prices.

5 Global Sportsbooks worth a bet in Canada

·       888sport

Not many can even attempt to get close to 1xbet’s match selection, but this online bookmaker aims to go head-to-head with anyone. One of the first to launch its services online on the Canadian market, back in 2008, 888sport will serve you with excellent odds for Asian lines if you’re focused on football.

Tips: Betting on Asian lines can be highly profitable when you apply the proper method. Look for matches in which a robust favourite team draws 0-0 at the break. There’s a high chance that they will score at least one goal, so go for the Over 1 Asian line. If there’s just one goal in it, you get your money back. At two or more goals, you secure a nice profit.

You may place your wagers on a variety of sports here, including eSports, snooker, motor racing and darts, not to mention the more popular ones. The list of games is plentiful enough, covering exotic leagues as well. The promotions will surely get you going, moreover with the mobile-exclusive ones.

5 Global Sportsbooks worth a bet in Canada

·       William Hill

This reputable UK-based bookie has a long history behind it. The first shop was opened back in 1934, and since then, it has managed to expand on a global scale and reach an extensive customer base. It is already trusted by many Canadians, especially for its UKGC license, which guarantees the highest standards in terms of customer care.

William Hill is best suited to players who want to keep it simple and focus on their betting. Unburdened by excessive graphics, the layout of the site is perfect for business.

In terms of matches, the in-play listing was similar to 888sport and Betfair at the moment of writing this article. Generally, there are around 100 markets on NHL hockey matches, so you only need to pick the right selection.

But pay attention. From a statistical point of view, betting on your favourite team isn’t the best strategy, so don’t make a habit out of it.

5 Global Sportsbooks worth a bet in Canada

·       Betfair

Betfair stands out as the first bookmaker to allow betting against other players, not against the bookie. The service is known as Exchange, and it’s slightly different than your regular wagers. Well, what remains for Betfair to do if we bet against each other?

Simply put, the bookmaker steps out of its role as an odds provider and instead matches customers that place opposing bets on similar odds. Given we’re betting against each other, there are two options. Either we go with the other player’s selection, or we go against it and wager on that event not happening.

As we’re not betting on the bookmaker’s odds, there is no house edge. Thus, players get better prices and potentially score more significant wins. Still, the fundamental mathematics of exchange betting is not short of complexities, and you’d need some time and cash to get used to it. Luckily, Betfair comes to the aid of its players with comprehensive guides.

It’s all right if you want to stick to classic bets. Betfair’s sportsbook section is competitive enough, although their odds for in-play matches are sometimes lower than what you’d find elsewhere. One thing is sure, though: they won’t be lower than what you’ll find at the local lottery shop.

5 Global Sportsbooks worth a bet in Canada

·       Bwin

The final entry in this article, Bwin, has several distinctive features that can make it a go-to option for Canadian players. You are offered a wide variety of matches and leagues and exclusive offers for NHL fans. The A-to-Z sports catalogue is highly comprehensive, surprisingly including Politics as well.

You may bet on the Nobel Peace Prize winner, place a wager on the next presidential election in France or predict the next UK Prime Minister. These types of bets were previously limited to Paddy Power’s stores in England, but now they’ve gone global, and Bwin did a great job including them in its offer.

Several matches are streamed live, allowing you to make better-informed decisions. While the site can feel overburdened at times, almost like a spaceship’s control panel, the diverse lines, crisp streaming, and mobile betting functionality make up for it.

Oh, did I mention the excellent cash-out function? While at other online bookmakers, it may take a few seconds for your cash out to be accepted and credited to your balance, at Bwin, you get your money instantly.

Concluding remarks

Voila, the bookies are really worth a wager in Canada. Lesser ones may have made it to the list if we were to compare them with the old and outdated lottery stores, but we wanted to provide you only with the best there is. Start with our betting tips, gradually perfect your strategy, and bet on the superior odds offered by these reputable online bookmakers.

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