What Does Indicted Mean? Indicted Meaning: 3 Men Indicted in Death of Ahmaud Arbery

Travis & Greg McMichael Involved in Killing of Ahmaud Arbery, 25 YO African-American
What Does Indicted Mean? Indicted Definition/Meaning, What Does Indictment Mean? What does it mean to be Indicted? Define Indictment

On June 24, 2020, a grand jury ruled the three men involved in the Feb 23 killing of Ahmaud Arbery “indicted”. Read Indicted Meaning/Definition & What Does Indicted Mean?


During a press conference, Cobb District Attorney Joyette M. Holmes said that the three accused in Arbery’s death Travis McMichael, Greg McMichael (Travis’s Father), and William R. Bryan were indicted on malice and felony murder charges.

“We will continue to be intentional in the pursuit of justice for this family and the community at large as the prosecution of this case continues,” said Holmes.

Indicted Charges: Aggravated Assault, False Imprisonment, and Criminal Attempt to Commit False Imprisonment.

The decision was ruled out by Glynn County’s Grand Jury. What’s a Grand Jury? It is a jury where a group of people granted by the law investigate criminal conduct. Now read, What Does Indicted Mean?

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Death of Ahmaud Arbery — February 13, 2020

Ahmaud Marquez Arbery, an unarmed 25 years old African-American was shot dead in Glynn County while jogging outside Brunswick. According to an autopsy report performed by Georgia Bureau of Investigation, he was shot three times and twice in the chest.

A truck hit him afterward and the killers also passed racist comments at Ahmaud before killing him.

Travis & Greg McMichael Involved in Killing of Ahmaud Arbery, 25 YO African-American
What Does Indicted Mean? Indicted Definition/Meaning, What Does Indictment Mean? What does it mean to be Indicted? Define Indictment

According to police reports, Arbery was chased by Travis and his father Gregory McMichael who told police that Travis struggled to handle the shotgun and two shots were fired before Arbery fell face-down.

What Does Indicted Mean? Grand Jury Indictment

While ruling out the indictment, the grand jury followed strick social distancing protocols to remain safe from the ongoing pandemic. The jury was selected in an emergency, Holmes said.

The deceased’s family was made aware of the indictment, Holmes mentioned, “They had no idea when some of the next steps would happen after the last preliminary hearing. His family members were extremely happy to hear the result.”

What Does Indicted Mean? Indicted Meaning

Indictment Definition. A formal written statement framed by a prosecuting authority and found by a jury (such as a grand jury) charging a person with an offense.

What Does Indicted Mean? Indicted Meaning/Definition
What Does Indicted Mean? Indicted Meaning/Definition

What Does It Mean To Be Indicted? It means to be charged with a criminal offense or a felony.

Charged vs Indicted: A charge is an official statement based on concrete evidence and proof that a person has committed a felony. Whereas being indicted mean that a grand jury has made the decision to charge a person based on juror’s votes.

Define Indicted/Indictment: In other terms, the Travis, Greg & William are charged with a felony murder without concrete evidence.

What’s Next in Ahmaud Arbery’s Case?

Upon the initial investigations, Gregory told the officers that they suspected Arbery is the person involved in recent break-ins in the area. However, no series of break-ins were reported in the last seven weeks before Arbery’s death.

A person named Bryan recorded the entire shooting scene with his smartphone camera which went viral on the social media platforms and led to Greg’s arrest.

At first, IOs believed that Bryan was responsible for blocking Arbery’s way as he tried to run away from the killers. The reports said Bryan tried to “confine and detain Arbery.”

According to Bryan’s attorney, he has not committed any crimes, he just witnessed and recorded the killing.

One of Travis’s lawyers questioned the grand jury’s decision and said “compelling evidence” will prove his innocence.

Gregory’s lawyers have said that he is rushed to judgment with insufficient evidence.

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