What Does This New TikTok Trend Zesty Consist Of? Mean/Slang

What Does This New TikTok Trend Zesty Consist Of? Mean/Slang
What Does Zesty mean on Tiktok? Meaning/Slang

With ever-growing hashtags on TikTok, a new hashtag has become popular. The new trend #zesty has become popular mostly among men. 

While the word itself sounds very exciting, the videos uploaded under the hashtag aren’t any less. Many of you must be wondering what does this hashtag mean? Well, we have got you covered and will cover all about it in this video.

What does Zesty mean on TikTok?

Zesty is a new trend that has become popular among men. The word Zesty refers to a male’s feminine side or fun activity. 

The videos usually embody a man refraining from acting a certain way in front of another male presence. It also includes videos of them doing some silly stuff that would otherwise be criticized by everyone around them. 

Not only men are making these videos but now everyone on TikTok is making videos on the topic. Most of them are seen doing silly, fun, or foolish stuff in the video.

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What is the meaning of Zesty in Urban Dictionary?

Zesty has been derived from the french word ‘Zeste’ which means flavor enhancer. However, in the Urban Dictionary, it has been defined as fun active, and sexy. It also is attached to another meaning saying an energetic outlook on life. 

While the word holds different meanings, it depends on who uses zesty in what sense.

How did Zesty gain popularity on TikTok?

TikTok is known for new challenges, trends, and whatnot. This trend came on TikTok and gained popularity due to its fun nature. Since the app is known for short fun videos, it only makes sense that this term is trending.

In just some time the hashtag has received around 60 million views which is just mind-blowing. This hashtag can be used on other social media as well. Since it is so viral on TikTok, many people across the globe know the trend and are adapting to it.

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