What Makes TikTok so Popular With Generation Z?

What Makes TikTok so Popular With Generation Z?
What Makes TikTok so Popular With Generation Z?

Ever since the early days of social media (Bebo anyone?), we have seen social networking increase in popularity. We have seen social networks adapt and develop, but they all have the same aim – encouraging engagement between friends, which helps to make the platform so popular. Other popular websites amongst this generation include Netflix, online gaming websites such as Comeon Live Casino and video chatting apps such as Zoom. After all, who doesn’t like the thought of being able to join in with a game of cards or have a spin on a roulette wheel? Generation Z definitely want all of this and more from their social media and online gaming platforms.

Isn’t Facebook The Most Popular Website?

If you ask most internet-using adults, they’ll tell you that Facebook is their go-to social networking app. The newsfeed allows us to see a mixture of posts from friends, pages we like and today’s news – probably why lots of people check their newsfeed before they even get out of bed.

With Facebook being so popular amongst grown-ups, it is easy to assume that teenagers will get just as much use out of it. However, ask Generation Z their opinion on Facebook and they’ll tell you something different – after all, which self-respecting teenager wants to be on the same app their parents? Totally Uncool!

Why Generation Z Uses TikTok Instead

It is estimated that 42% of generation Z are regular TikTok users and that is exactly how the app has been designed. Generation Z has grown up with on-demand TV and everything that need to know being able to be accessed at the click of a button.

They don’t have time to wait around and search for what they need. With the nature of TikTok videos being short, there is no chance for the watcher to become uninterested, because what they’re watching is over before they realised it even started.

What Other Websites Are Popular With Generation Z?

We know that generation Z want instant answers when searching online and so this definitely affects the websites they visit. They also expect instant online entertainment, which is why websites such as instant win gaming and TikTok are so popular. They get an instant hit of entertainment when visiting, much like when they’re scrolling the For Your Page on TikTok.

They Want Something Relatable

Whether they’re watching Netflix, visiting Comeon Live Casino or creating their own TikTok masterpiece, they want something relatable. The algorithms on TikTok are clever and show the user videos related to others they have already liked and commented on. That is why, once someone gets popular on TikTok their popularity seems to grow, as they get shown to more and more people.

Lockdown in 2020 definitely affected the number of people using platforms such as TikTok for entertainment. With long periods of us being stuck at home, the internet was a welcome relief from this.

Of course, you also get the fact that when you’re browsing your newly made TikTok friends, you know they’re stuck inside too and that makes you feel less alone. With lots of generation Z being of school or university age, knowing that they weren’t alone in skipping big chunks of education and chances to hang out with their mates would have been a huge comfort.

So, whether they’re looking for the thrill of online gaming, the chance of winning a bet or just getting creative on TikTok, there is no denying that generation Z use the internet in a different way to their parents, so all that is left to wonder is what is in store for generations of the future and their internet access.

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