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What it takes to win the Premier League

What it takes to win the Premier League
What it takes to win the Premier League

Although no one is expecting you to suddenly become a Premier League footballer overnight, if you’re someone that likes a flutter then it is well worth knowing what it takes for a team to win. By looking at what a team needs in order to be successful within the Premier League, you’re much more likely to be able to place a bet that is going to be a winner. So, if you are planning on heading over to a website such as Comeon Betting any time soon, it is worth looking at what it takes to win the premier league first.

Home Form

Many people who know what they’re talking about when it comes to football will tell you that a decent home form record is essential for any team who plans to do well in the Premier League. Basically put, if a team doesn’t do well at home, how can they be expected to do well on a pitch they’re not familiar with?

Also, there tends to be spectator support at home games which definitely can help how well a team does when they play. If you’re planning to bet on a team winning the Premier League then study how well they have done recently at home to help you make up your mind on who to place a bet on.

Away Form

On the flip side of this, how well have they done when they aren’t playing at home? In order to progress up the leader board of any championship, a team will need to play games away from the familiarity of home. It is important to have an understanding of how they have performed during these times to see whether they’re a solid choice when it comes to placing a bet.

How Many Points Do They Have?

Different games within the Premier League and how well a team does during that match will determine how many points they are award. As the league progresses, the team with the most points will be declared the winner. If you’re placing a bet when the league has started then you should look at their performance so far and what points they have.

To give you an example, since 1995 the average number of points to win the Premier League has been 86.9, with Man City getting a grand total of 100points in 2017. If when you look at stats your team is very far away from this number and the league is well into things, now might not be the year that they’re likely to be successful.

Placing a Premier League Bet

If you fancy placing a bet on the premier league, it is worth considering what your bet options are. For example, just because your team isn’t likely to win, that doesn’t mean you’re out of options. Maybe you could bet on who is likely to score the next goal or what the score will be in their next game?

The Premier League is a massive event and as such, there are plenty of people who bet and options to bet on. Odds change all the time so spend a little time looking at who is likely to win the Premier League and give yourself the best chance of a betting win – good luck!


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