Who is Gerard Pique’s new girl (name)? Shakira and Pique Split up after 11 years of relationship

Who is Gerard Pique's new girl? Shakira and Pique Split up after 11 years of relationship
Who is Gerard Pique's new girl? Shakira and Pique New Girlfriend Wiki Bio Name Net Worth 2022

Reportedly, Gerard Pique has found a new girlfriend. After a relationship that lasted 11 years, Pique and Shakira have called it quits. It was reported that this new girl of his was Gavi’s mother, however it turned out to be false. He made headlines when he was caught cheating on Shakira.

Gerard’s relationship with Shakira is in danger as a result of his new fling. Per unconfirmed reports, the football star has already begun to reside in a separate apartment. A source close to Gerard Pique informed The Courier Daily that the news of Pique’s adultery is accurate. However, other details like her name, age, family, etc. are not known yet.

Who is Gerard Pique’s new girl? Name Wiki Bio

According to Lorena Vazquez and Laura Fa, the journalists for Spanish newspaper El Periodico, Pique has been seen with a new girl in her early twenties on numerous occasions. She is said to be a student and an event coordinator in Barcelona. However, she remains a mystery for the moment.

There were rumors that say Gerard had cheated on Shakira with the mother of Gavi, a Barcelona teammate. But there rumors were false. However, it is true that he is seeing a new girl and not anyone’s mother. Following this, Shakira and Pique have officially divorced.

After the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Shakira and Gerard Pique began dating. ‘Waka Waka’ is the official song of the tournament, which was performed by Colombian singer. Milan and Sasha are their children / son . There is a ten-year age difference between Pique and Shakira.

They have been separated for a lengthy period of time, according to reports. They were only seen together at athletic and family gatherings, as they were not used to being observed in public together. They haven’t picked up their kids from school together for a long time, reports say.

Shakira and her sons were photographed enjoying a family vacation on Ibiza island, but Pique was not available. The break-up occurred when both Shakira and Gerard Pique are involved in their own legal issues. (check: Lizzo Net Worth 2022.)

In Spain, Shakira is being accused of tax fraud. She could face a jury trial if prosecutors prove that she did not pay $15.5 million in income tax between 2012 and 2014. However, Sakira has denied all allegations, stating that she had done nothing wrong. Her publicist claimed that she has already paid all her taxes.

Spanish state prosecutors are investigating Gerard. They’re verifying the contracts that led to the staging of the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia.

Several conversations have been published by Spanish media. They claim to have been paid a substantial sum of money to a firm run by Gerard, who is worth millions of dollars, to participate in the competition. The footballer has denied any wrongdoing.

Gerard Pique is a successful soccer player in Spain who owns several business projects. Following his playing career, he is expected to be the future president of Barcelona Football Club.

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