Who Writes Presidential Speeches in the USA and What Makes Them Impressive?

Presidents have made speeches for many years but what stands out is that they don’t write those speeches. The words of personalities such as Dwight Eisenhower, Franklin Roosevelt, and John Kennedy have always inspired many presidential speechwriters.

The best speech writers can say so much with few words, making their speeches stand out. Making impressive presidential speeches should be the ultimate goal of every writer because the president uses them to pass on messages to the public.

Tom Putnam

Tom Putman is known for his ability to craft speeches to commemorate major events in the United States. He had very trusted advisers and could start his speeches by a sort introduction and a welcome note to the audiences.

Putman could also prepare the audience by issuing a thanksgiving note for people watching or listening on public radio. He tried to make people sympathize and identify with them early enough in the speech. Putman could tell a story that the audiences could resonate with to grab their attention.

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Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller is the person behind not only Donald Trump’s speeches but also many state policies. He has been a little controversial, having had a reputation for being arrogant. Miller justifies actions for racism as important elements of social disarray and remains anti-migration.

After arriving in Washington, Miller started searching for work with a body that was popular for its dealing with non-white children and their supporters. Stephen Miller secured a job as a press officer before joining Donald Trump’s team of elections as an adviser.

He is the person behind creating a policy that was advocating for the construction of the “wall.” Miller also drafted and facilitated the administration of immigration policies during President Trump’s regime. Miller emphasized the importance of freedom of speech and could address reporters regarding the immigration policy without fear. He could paint the uber nationalism with a flowery sparkle on almost all his presidential speeches. He was looking to see the American culture being glorified through his statements.

Who Writes Presidential Speeches in the USA and What Makes Them Impressive? 1

Mike Donilon

Mike Donilon is the writer behind the inaugural address of President Joe Biden. Donilon has been the president’s adviser for a long time, along with Jon Meacham, who helped to shape the draft. In the introductory remarks, Biden was passionate about the importance of “rebuilding the soul of America.” Donilon is quick to communicate the ideas that he wants the audience to remember.

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Easy presidential speeches are impressive

An impressive presidential speech considers the tone and the style, depending on the theme. The writer must understand that what they are writing about will be read aloud and may influence the life of the recipients. A speech should be suitable for the location and the size of the audience and it requires the need for the writer to understand the topic well. The tone of impressive presidential speeches is controversial and this is aimed at making the audience believe that the message has not been prepared in advance.

The writer must understand the difference between a speech and an essay- the speech sentences should be shorter and clear. Simplicity is paramount because People may not easily understand complex things when listening. To improve the speech, the writer should read it aloud and fix mistakes whenever they arise.

Getting the audience to the writer’s side

An impressive presidential speech makes people connect with the speaker at the introductory stages of the speech. The writer should tell anecdotes or stories to illustrate the topic or let the audience understand the topic could influence their lives. Providing lots of statistics in the speech to justify some truth may not be enough. People are looking for stories and anecdotal material to resonate with the topic of the speech. The writer needs to give their audience some stake in their speech and make it more compelling.

An impressive speech is full of details to keep people interested – it has compelling and eye-catching headlines as well. Simplifying the theme will allow the writer to express their message clearly while making people remember the speech. The writer needs to keep in mind that people cannot have a point of reference in case they miss something during the speech.


Different authors have written presidential speeches, some of which have remained in the minds of audiences for years. Just like any other piece of writing, a presidential speech aims to communicate ideas as clearly and as concisely as possible. Speechwriters should focus on creating easy speeches that can grab the attention of the audience. Today’s young writers should learn that writing is about getting the facts right and attracting the audience.

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