Why Now Is Not the Time to Buy a Huge SUV

I always used to think it was strange when I’d hear things like, “Only 20 percent of people are successful.”

I always thought, “Why is it such a small number? What’s up with the remaining 80 percent?”

Well, when I got involved in financial markets, I noticed that the percentages are similar (if not less).

Why? It’s not that the 80 percent can’t be successful. It’s not they aren’t smart enough, etc.

It’s that they generally choose to be emotionally ruled which makes them more impulsive and less decisive and disciplined.

Now many people don’t realize that they choose to be this way. They’ve just developed a certain habit which was caused by a certain pattern of thinking that formed these impulsive, emotional actions.

Well, it doesn’t just happen in stock investing, but it also happens in most other areas of life too.

For instance, when was everyone interested in buying a house and maybe even owning a second one to “flip”? It was in 2006-2008 when the housing market was getting way overvalued yet the masses didn’t realize it. They just realized “everyone was doing it” and it seemed like the thing to do. Yet that ended up being the worst thing to do and it ended up biting them in the butt.

Well, what’s happening right now?

Consumers know that gasoline has dropped from over $105 per barrel just over seven months ago to the $45-$50 per barrel lately. Oh they’re excited! Why?

They always wanted a huge SUV, large truck, Jeep or Hummer but they wouldn’t buy one either because they got poor gas mileage or they cost a lot of money to fill up.

Problem solved lately, right? After all, gasoline is at $2.25 per gallon on average nationally (for regular gasoline), which is nowhere near the $4 per gallon that we once saw.

So since gas prices are low, it’s time to buy that car or truck they always wanted, right? Wrong! In fact, if anything, it’s the time to sell your gas guzzling SUV or huge truck. Why?

You’ll likely get more for that type of vehicle now while gas prices are at these low levels than you would have mere months ago with oil at over $100 per barrel. So if you ever thought about selling or trading in that type of vehicle, that time is now, in my opinion.

But why not buy a vehicle like that now? Here’s why. While I own my cars outright, I know that most people don’t buy their cars that way. They finance them over time, typically three to six years.

So here’s the problem. Yes, gas prices are low right now and they may remain that way for some months or maybe even a year or so into the future. However, your car loan will last for two to five years afterward when the price of oil is back to $80-$100 per barrel.

Then you’re going to be stuck with a high car payment AND a high gasoline bill! And it will be a bad decision that will last for many years to come.

So even though the price of gasoline is cheap right now, just know that it’s not likely going to stay that way for the next three to six years. Therefore, you should actually consider doing what seems to be counterintuitive right now which is to sell the gas guzzler that formerly cost you $100 to fill up and buy a good, used (low mileage) car that actually gets good gas mileage.

You won’t care so much right now that it gets good gas mileage, but two to three years from now, you’re going to be glad you bought a car like that when oil is back to $80-$100 per barrel and gas is back to $3.50-$4.00 per gallon.

Now, let me leave you with two final thoughts. If you’d like to know more about “why” I believe oil and gasoline are heading back higher in the future, then check out my article

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God bless!

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