George RR Martin Reveals Release Date: Is It For Winds of Winter? TEXAS HOLD ‘EM

Winds of Winter Update: George RR Martin Reveals A Release Date - Is It For WoW?
Winds of Winter Update: George RR Martin Reveals A Release Date - Is It For WoW?

The fans of the Winds of Winter have been waiting eagerly for it to be released. It has been a very long time since the last book in the franchise came out. But, the author George RR Martin has announced a release date. Let’s check it out if it is about the same, we have been waiting for? (check: When Calls The Heart Season 7.)

George Martin’s book have been thoroughly well sought after. He aces in writing sci-fi and fantasy novels to which nobody can compete with. His writings are loved worldwide. On his website/blog titled ‘Not A Blog’, he recently shared a date.

But, unfortunately, it’s not about the Winds of Winter. So, it’s an unfortunate news for the fans of the A Song of Ice and Fire series. However, this release date is regarding another book for which Martin has been working on.

Winds of Winter Update: George RR Martin Reveals A Release Date - Is It For WoW?
Winds of Winter Update: George RR Martin Reveals A Release Date – Is It For WoW?

Besides writing his own novels, George takes interest in editing a huge number of volumes as part of the Wild Cards series. According to his latest blog post, one more book in the series is coming its way.

The book is titled Texas Hold ‘Em. Martin revealed that this newly launched book is now available to be bought. He revealed the news on his website. Just to be noted, Martin hasn’t written them rather he has edited them. The series involves over 40 authors itself.

The editor of the book said that TEXAS HOLD ‘EM is the 24th volume of the Wild Cards series, and the third in America Triad. It’s a stand alone novel, so the fans won’t be needing to read any of the previous volumes to get it.

The newest novel is about a group of kids from Xavier Desmond High in Jokertown traveling to San Antonio for a jazz band competition. All that happens there is the main story. It involves star cast of favorite characters – Mr. Nobody, Jade Blossom, Bubbles, Rubberband, Bacho, Skeeter, The Darkness, and The Dust, among others.

It is a vast universe in which the Wild Cards is set and contains both darkness and light. As per the editor, it is one of their lighter outings, and will be a good fun read. It will be an apt read in this grim days of isolation and quarantine. You can give it a try for sure.

The writers’ team include Caroline Spector, William F Wu, Walton Simons, David Anthony Durham, Max Gladstone, Diana Rowland, and the late Victor Milan. When asked about the updates regarding the Winds of Winter, the author said that it is the only thing he is currently working on while in isolation.

In an earlier post on Not A Blog, the writer said that those who are concerned for him personally, he is in the most vulnerable population, given age and physical condition. But, he feels fine for now, and is taking all sensible precautions.

According to him, Martin has isolated himself in a remote location. He has been living there with one of his staff and is not going to meet anyone until the pandemic is over. Martin said that he has spending more time in Westeros than in the real world, writing every day.

Though things seems grim in the Seven Kingdoms, but not as grim as it can become in reality. Many fans think that the author gets distracted easily and starts working on other books. However, he has confirmed that he is still up in the mountains and writing Winds of Winter while maintaing social distancing.

There have been good days and bad days, but he is making progress. Let’s hope that George RR Martin quickly finishes writing the Winds of Winter.

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