WNBA Flag Ultimatum: Players Issue To Americans ‘It’s Either Us Or The Flag’

WNBA Flag Ultimatum: Players Issue To Americans 'It’s Either Us Or The Flag'

WNBA players issued a flag ultimatum to the American people, “It’s either us or the flag” said Charmita Daniels into the microphone after getting victory by 21-16 against Stockton Seacows.

But the unfortunate thing was that the game premiered only on Razor Flip Network (RPN) which was only able to grab 3 views. Then CNN reported the incident which made the controversy to grab the attention of twenty more people.

However, as the FOX news covered it, a lot of people learned about it. But as per the reports, it seems that it has impacted women’s basketball league in a negative way.

According to thegloriousamerican.com, as of now, the WNBA’s demand seemed to have only alerted Americans that “they’re still a thing and most people are calling for their dismantlement.”

Shawnta Jackson, Palmdale Platypus shooting guard admitted that “This is a very discouraging turn of events.”

“We were hoping Americans would dump the flag, but now us players are left wondering how we’re going to feed our families or pay our Motorola flip phone bill.”

Recently, the game between Beaverton Mud Boars and Wichita Wildebeests has been canceled after the gym doors were locked. Due to this, players considered it as a strike back because of the controversy but it was actually the staff who forgot they existed again, as reported by The Glorious American.

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Source: XNewsWeekly

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