Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30 November 2015: Is It The End Of The Drama For Ishita And Shagun

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30 November 2015-

Vandhu is seen talking to her friends regarding the exchange of her Saree given to her by Baala, Suraj over hears their conversation saying ‘enjoy now, you never know when things slip off from your hands’.

Ishita is in contact with Shagun with a hearing device through which she was seen guiding her at many times.Ishita visits Ashok at his place, who is impressed with Ishita’s (pretending to be Shagun’s) dressing, he is presenting her with situations so as to put her in his trap. He tempts her to introduce with the Bhalla family member who is giving him Raman’s news. Before doing that, he invites her over a dance on Shagun’s favorite song. Much is love Ishita imagines her husband Raman while dancing with Ashok.

Ishita and Ashok
Ishita in a clse dance with Ashok

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30 November 2015-

After the dance is over, the doorbell rings, Ashok goes to answer the door ring while desperately waiting for the Khabari. While Ashok plays his game by saying that he has to go for work, when Ishita is distracted over him not introducing her to the Khabari, Ashok implants a mike in Ishita’s bag. She informs Shagun that she is going to follow him.

ishjita , raman, shagun, ashok
Nearer to finding the reality

Forgetting her bag in the car Ishita follows Ashok to a hotel while she loses track of him after bumping into a child who starts to cry after his cookies fall down, Ashok looks back to see Ishita following him and says ‘I know its your plan, this Shagun game is a drama’.
While Ishita is busy with the child, Ashok leaves and hides.

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Baala is talking to a bank executive for loan approval, the executive presents him sugar coated words saying his work saying his loan will be approved. Baala who is happy leaves. Suraj takes his place and the executive tells him that under his pressure he has to do unethical bank tasks and he worries of being caught. Suraj tells that him he will handle it all.

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Ishita unable to find Ashok tells the same to Shagun on call, she advises her to leave from there and go back home.

The show has a lot of drama and suspense in store tomorrow, visit us to know more on the show.

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