Siya Ke Ram 30 November 2015 : Ram has a sister ‘Shanta’

Janak informs Sunayana and Chandrabhaga about Kushaldhwaja’s victory over King of Sankasya.

While, in Ayodhya, Kaushalya is serving food to all the Princes,  everybody is enjoying their favorite food, Ram looks lost. All the mothers look concerned for their favorite son Ram and tell him to go out to freshen up.

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Changrabhaga informs her daughters Mandavi and Shrutkirti of their father victory and return, while all are celebrating, Sita becomes sad saying now that the territory of ‘Sankasya’ belongs to them, their sisters will have to move to Sankasya.

siya ke ram
celebrations in Janak land after win over Sankasya.

Ram is out horse-riding, when he hears music from Rishi Jawwali’s ashram. He is welcomed by Jawwali who asked him as to what he was doing out on Ram’s reply Jawwali tells Ram that he is not meant to be inside for four walls, but he has to travel to learn.Guessing the worry on Ram’s face he asked him if he was affected by anything at the palace.Ram shares that he was worried by the ‘Praja darshan’, and discusses what his father told him. Jawwali tells him that,’ upper caste people are important for the ego of the King, while going to the poor is something which says that all is not well in his kingdom, King is kept is at a pedestal where he is not human but a god, whereas rest are small and small can not question, because once a conversation starts it will end at truth, and nobody wants to see the mirror of truth. All relations are false, but the only real relation is the relation with self’.

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Ram disagrees, Jawwali asks will you be able to ask your questions to your parents then? Ram in dilemma says ‘yes’ and leaves.

Mandavi and Shrutkirti telling their sisters that they don’t want to leave, while their mother listening this in anger rebukes them, saying that she has forever wanted to be a queen, and now that they will move to Sankasya, she threts her daughters that she does not want any nagging when they leave.

Sunayana who is offended by her behaviour lovingly informs Chndrabhaga that children are not mean, good she wanted to be a queen and now that she is a queen, she has to behave like one and learn that a Queen unites her people and not separate them.

siya ke ram 30 novmeber
Ram shocked after listening about his sister Shanta

Ram goes to Kaushalya’s room and holding that statue which he saw on his homecoming, he asks her if she was hiding something from him.

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Breaking down into tears Kaushalya recalls a young girl who is throwing colors at kaushalya and Dasharatha. She reveals that he has a sister named ‘Shanta’. she was first ever child of Dasharath and hers.

while Ram is in shock the show comes to an end, with disclosure about the story to follow tomorrow.

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