Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd April 2016: Raman denies to come to Ruhi’s barsi

In the last episode, Ishita told that she was saved by Mani and he got himself hit by the truck and she brought him to Australia to treat him. Mrs. Bhalla claimed Pihu to be like Ruhi and reminded her.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd April 2016
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd April 2016

Ishita claimed to be lucky to have Aliya, Vivan, and Mani but she couldn’t forget her family and daughter. Pihu, Mrs. Bhalla, and Neelu went to Mandir where Pihu did her drama to go barefoot and got hurt and she asked Mrs. Bhalla to pray and she smiled. Ishita worried about her daughter and wondered how she would be.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd April 2016 Written Updates

She appreciated Aliya, Vivan and Mani’s support but her feeling of incompleteness without her daughter killing her inside. Pihu holds aarti plate and said she would do repentance and would walk on stones barefoot. Mrs. Bhalla took the plate from her and she screamed out in pain and Shagun came and hold her foot and asked how she got hurt and said she would repent on her behalf.

Pihu checked her bangles and asked her to wear in both and all accessories like sindoor etc. Shagun lifted her and Pihu exclaimed that Dadi got sentimental seeing our love and they all went into mandir shouting Jai Mata Di.   

Amma asked Appa to get puja’s stuff before panditji arrived and Appa gave Ishita’s and Ruhi’s pic and they sobbed and said pain remained same after 7 years. She claimed Raman’s and Ishita’s fight separated both families. Appa claimed Romi and Mihika too shared a share in this and asked to meet Pihu.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd April 2016

Amma said her to be the last sigh of Ishita and is being loved by Shagun and ahd become Raman’s support and said Ishita might be happy seeing all that. Ishita sobbed seeing Ruhi’s pic and missed her marriage, new baby and every moment and Ruhi’s death. She cried saying no body would forgive her ever.

Mrs. Bhalla asked Raman to come to Ruhi’s barsi but he denied and ended the call. Simmi said he didn’t want to remember this day when he lost his 2 most beloved one. Mr. Bhalla said he missed Ruhi seeing Pihu. She reminded of her and missed Ishita a lot and asked to do barsi for Ishita too.

Simmi said Raman forbade to even remember her and Pihu mustn’t know about her. Mrs. Bhalla said she won’t be erased from memories anyway. Simmi consoled her saying Pihu is the culmination of both Ruhi and Ishita as she’s alike Ruhi and is Ishita’s shadow. Mrs. Bhalla asked If Ananya would come the she said she would be here, Parmeet’s parents are fond of Pihu and left. Mrs. Bhalla cried hugging Ruhi’s pic.

Aaliya called Ishita and said her Appa had been fine and the doctor gave him pain killers and had been resting. She asked she would not able to control her tears and asked her to be fine. Ishita promised she was crying but now she didn’t and said call her if she’s needed.

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