Naagin 3rd April 2016: Rithik reaches to jungle and saves naag naagins from sadus

Naagin 3rd April 2016: In the last episode Yamini called snake charmers and they caught Shivanya and tortured her. She pleaded to Sesha but Sesha feeling Rithik and lying on the bed with him ignored her plea.

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Naagin 3rd April 2016
Naagin 3rd April 2016

Sesha reminisced Rithik’s touch and wondered how could she being a naagin feel for a human. Yamini approached her and said she could be her Bahu and can spend her whole life as Shivanya with Rithik. She exclaimed what nonsense! Yamini said she saw her last night enjoying Rithik’s closeness and continued her drama and offered fake naagmani to her.

Naagin 3rd April 2016 Written Updates

Sesha threw fake naagmani and said already took one from Ankush. She heard Shivanya’s plea again and converted into naagin, Yamini continued saying she would get her marry Rithik. Sesha reached jungle and saw few Sadhu snake charmers were torturing ichha dari naag naagins including Shivanya. Rithik strongly felt ichhadari naag naagins needed him.

He went to FB where his dad Sangram saved ichhadari naagin from the hawk and she thanked him and left. Sangram claimed them to protector of naagmani and showed him his own and his tattoo. Rithik woke up and headed towards Shiv mandir. Sesha hardly comes out of her romantic moments and Yamini’s offer and thought snatching her sister’s love is unfair.

She came in front and sadhu captured her and threw into the ring with Shiavnya. She asked why she didn’t come early, she explained she was surrounded by family couldn’t come and apologize. One sadhu picked Sesha and wished to sacrifice her before Shivanya. Rithik heard few screams and headed towards the jungle.

Pandit ji tried to stop and said few sadhus were killing animals for black magical powers but he didn’t stop and stopped sadhu killing Sesha. They both converted into naagin and ran from there and sadhu captured him. Sesha returned and bite sadhu to save Rithik. Rithik took trishul in defence and then the police came and arrested sadhus trying to kill innocent animals.

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Naagin 3rd April 2016

Shivanya got happy seeing Rithik came to help her and her people. Rithik felt inner peace after saving ichhadari naag naagin. Rithik headed towards shiv mandir to meet Shivanya as she already told him once she visits shiv mandir every eka dasi. She reached there before him and started praying. Rithik smiled seeing her and said he knew she would be here and asked her never to visit here alone.

She hugged him and thought he only save her. Sesha got jealous seeing them and reminisced her moment with Rihtik and Yamini’s offer and imagined herself dancing sensually with him and wondered how could she be that much attracted to him. They returned back home where Yamini already wondering what would second naagin do after being offered, either she would accept it or would come to take revenge.

She wonderd if she was Shivanya or Sesha seeing both of them a nd asked if she brought grocery. She said she did and went to Shiv mandir. Rihtik said he saved naag naagins from sadhus. She asked why she saved their enemies. He said saving an innocent’s life is human’s duty and she appraised him and claimed to be proud of him and thought she would first break both naagins unity.

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