Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5 December 2015- Ashok Threatens Ishita to Kill Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5 December 2015:

Baala and Vandhu visit Suraj as Baala is insisting upon getting his car serviced. Vandhu bumps into the waiter and spilling liquid onto her. she visits the washroom in Ashok’s room when she comes out she hears him blabber that Shagun is alive and he won’t leave Ishita.

yeh hai mohabbatein 5 december 2015


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Ishita wakes up late in morning Raman by then has left for the office. She is talking to Simmi about the problem meanwhile Ashok enters in anger to meet Shagun. Toshi tells him Shagun is dead. To save her plan, Ishita acts being possessed by Shagun saying, ‘why he took pains to come she would have come to him had he called her’. Talking rudely to her mother she asks her and Toshi to leave.

yeh hai mohabbatein 5 december 2015

When they are gone Ashok says tells Ishita that she enacts Shagun very well but will play the game along with her. tells her to complete the task which Shagun had left incomplete. He tells Ishita to Kill Raman because if she doesn’t kill him, he would expose her in front of all.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5 December 2015:

Ashok tells her if something happens to him, even then his informer will fulfill his plan. while he threatens to kill Ruhi Adi and the baby inside Shagun saying he can go to any extent if she does not kill Raman.

Toshi is worried and wants to deal with Ashok, Simmi tells her they informed Raman hence should wait for him to return. As Raman is back, he pounces at Ashok threatening to kill him.

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Ashok leaves while Raman hugs and consoles Ishita who is crying, telling her such people can do no harm to them.

yeh hai mohabbatein 5 december 2015

Raman angrily is about to leave while While Ishita who is grieving badly pulls him back saying he should not go to Ashok and begins to blame herself.

Raman goes to make a phone call, as Simmi sits beside her, Ishita tells her that she needs to tell this to Shagun, Prateek, and Abhishek. Simmi says she will handle this all and contact them.

Toshi gets a call from her friend Pammi inviting them over for Kitty party, Simmi thinks it to be the best chance to send all out of the house and later she will make an excuse and ask Raman to join them so that Ishita gets to meet Shagun.

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When they are gone, Raman plans to help Ishita distress, by planning to bake a cake with her. the show ends with Ishita worrying over Simmi not calling Raman.

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