Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th March 2016: Raman finds Ishita in woods and tells her the truth that Niddhi plans to take her revenge

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th March 2016: The episode begins with Raman weeping on the cliff and blaming himself for all the mess happening in his family and for killing Ishita and says” This world is not his anymore, he’ll be there where she is” and jumps off the cliff to lake and swims it to a random shore from where he runs in the midst of jungle and finds a small house and knocks.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th March 2016
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th March 2016

Raman finds Ishita in the house and both gets shocked to see each other. Ishita starts crying and signs no,  and forbases him talking to her and claims you made me fall from the cliff and asks him to go. Raman explains saying he can’t be alive if she’s died. Ishitahugs him immediately saying him bad and both cries.

She cries saying ” I can’t live without you here”.

He says it was equally hard for him too. Ishita appreciates his efforts for making Jallad on his side and helps her running and asks why did he tell her? He explains he couldn’t risk taking him and pushed her to prove her innocence. She says she wasn’t afraid of dying as she was already dead when he saw her with anger and hate, saying enough hugs her.

Ishita received a note from divers who saved her and understood those were sent by Raman. Ishita tells him about her pathetic condition. Raman tells her truth of doing drama to get closer to Niddhi and blames Niddhi. Ishita asks why she was after her?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th March 2016 Written Updates

Raman flaunts Niddhi being very cunning and fooling them and also tells about the evidence proving her innocent- “the video of Ishita defending Pallavi and Amar killed”.

Niddhi gives him wrong chip because we both share  past verified by matchmaker. Mummyji accepted the proposal for Niddhi and he wasn’t aware at all. FB starts showing Mrs Bhalla rejected the proposal and apologizes and are ready to pay for loss.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th March 2016

Ishita claims this to big thing for a girls and asks why auntyji didn’t tell him? Raman Explains she wasn’t same as she is. FB begins with matchmaker discussing about Niddhi, Her mom beaten Niddhi for Raman choosing more beautiful girl and her father commits sucide which makes her shocked.

Vandhu offer Bala’s mom tea. Bala’s mum consoles saying its bad happened with Ishita and you too suffering bad time, lets go on long drive  or outing. Though Vandhu denies but Bala’s mum conviences Vandhu and forbids not to get Shitija along, else she’ll be arround always.

Niddhi ready to take revenge seeing her Dad’s pic and says to destroy Raman and his family. she says she became  more beautiful and planned everything to trap Raman and made him against his family, and talks of hurting his family in order to compensate her mother’s difficulties which she faced.

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