Zac Efron Dad Bod Look: Gains For A Movie or Lockdown Side-Effects? [PHOTO] Zack Efron Kids

Zac Efron Dad Bod Look, Zac Efron Dad Look
Zac Efron Dad Bod Look, Zac Efron Dad Look

The only actor in Hollywood who never fails to surprise us with fresh looks and skills. Zac Efron has gained weight and love handles. He looks hotter than before. Check out Zac Efron Dad Bod Look and Kids Details.

You might ask, is the handsome hunk preparing for a role, or has he gained weight as a result of lockdown? The Baywatch actor has changed his look to play a beefier character on his upcoming Netflix Show: Down to Earth. The fans are going crazy over Zac’s new daddy look and praising him for the transformation.

Zac Efron’s Dad Bod look was revealed in the trailer of Down of Earth. The 32-year-old once ripped and lean had transformed his look entirely and fans were left awestruck. The thick beard with a fuller face makes him look like a perfectly crafted daddy. God, he looks hot! Check out Zac Efron’s new look.

Zac Efron Dad Bod – New Look

Zac Efron Dad Bod Look, Zac Efron Dad Look
Zac Efron Dad Bod Look, Zac Efron Dad Look

Let us know in the comment section how he looks in the new avatar.

Down To Earth is a web documentary-styled series released on Netflix on July 10. It sees Zac traveling the globe – from North to South and East to West – accompanied by Darlin Olien to find healthy, sustainable ways to live.

The show focuses on delivering exciting ways to experience life – to explore and live the deepest desires in nature’s lap. The series is truly an eye-opening experience, you should watch it right away after reading the article.

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Apart from the wonderful series, Zac’s dad bod new look will leave you desiring to see more of him. He is not known for transforming or making changes to his body often but when the opportunity presented, Efron has shown the world that he is capable is so much more. Zac Efron is a total package, what else do we need? Nothing!

Zac Efron Kids: He is not a dad yet. As per US Weekly, Zac was reported to be dating actress Halston Sage.

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The fans on social media have some of the craziest reactions as they could not take their eyes off Zac Efron Dad Bod during the entire run of series. Take a look below.

Zack Efron Dad Bod New Look Reaction


A user compared Zac to Zach Galifianakis, saying he looks “so beautiful.”

Girls are lusting over Zac Efron.

See the best reactions to Zac Efron’s burly dad bod below.

Stay tuned with TCD for more updates on Zac Efron’s upcoming movies.

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