Zephaniah Trevino 16 YO Sex Trafficking Victim Imprisoned in Texas: Kim Kardashian Asks to Sign the Petition

Zephaniah Trevino Facts Case Details Texas Sex Trafficking Kim Kardashian Tweet
Kim Kardashian Tweets on Zephaniah Trevino Texas Sex Trafficking Prison 16 YO Teeanger

The 16-year-old child trafficking victim Zephaniah Trevino is held in prison after her trafficker killed her purchaser. The media personality Kim Kardashian is known for trying to bring a change to the society – be it helping underprivileged kids or helping for a good cause.

Thursday morning, Kanye West’s wife spoke about the otherwise neglected topic – sex trafficking. She shed light on the facts and case details of Zephaniah, discussing the reason for a prison sentence.

Kim tweeted about Trevino on Twitter and asked her followers to “show support for the innocence of Zephaniah Trevino.” According to the photo attached in the post, “16-Year-Old Sex Trafficking Victim Facing Life In Prison in Texas because her trafficker killed her purchaser.” Read the entire tweet below.

A link to the petition page “Justice for Zephaniah Trevino” was attached in the tweet. She encouraged her followers to sign the petition and help bring justice to the wrongfully imprisoned teenager using hashtags #JusticeForZephaniahTrevino.

Who is Zephaniah Trevino?

Not much information is available on Zephaniah, who are her parents? How she got abducted? etc. The petition page described her as a child raised by a family of faith, she played softball. “16-year-old Latinx girl who has been accused of aggravated robbery and capital murder,” the page stated. She studied and played in a team at high school in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Kim attached two photos of Trevino in the tweet, she smiles in both the photos and looks pretty young. The photos look older – she is wearing a black T-Shirt in the first photo and a sports Tee in the second picture.

She is wearing a “Legacy 9” tee and a Nike cap in the second frame, the background looks like a normal playfield at a school.

Justice For Zephaniah Trevino – Change.org Petition

Noelle Mercer started the petition in an attempt to collect the “defense funds” to bail out the “innocent” teenager.

In the appeal, she described Trevino’s age, her hobbies, and the charges imposed on the Texas girl. The page read:-

Zephaniah was approached in May 2019 by a sex trafficker who used physical threats, threats of death against her family, and drugs. She had recently been exposed to drugs in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend.

Zephaniah’s trafficker killed her purchaser in a conflict. Neither of them have been charged. Instead, the charges have fallen upon an innocent junior in high school – a victim of sex trafficking.

Kim Kardashian’s tweet on Trevino has raised nationwide attention and people are signing up the appeal in large numbers. As of right now, 76,972 have signed the petition with a goal of 150,000!

Kim was recently in the headlines after spotted crying in a car with Kanye West. The two actors are rumored to break their marriage.

Stay tuned with TCD for more updates on Zephaniah Trevino & Kim Kardashian.

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