Bigg Boss 9 Day 43 23 November 2015: Priya comes across as “Maalik” of the house

Bigg Boss 9 Day 43 23 November 2015

Midnight hour contestants shocked over Aman’s eviction are irritated with Rimi- a least deserving candidate is still a part of the game while Aman who was active in every task is no more a part of the journey.

Rochelle, Digangna and Prince succeed in stealing her makeup and keeping it in storeroom to get the luxury items, as decided by all. Rimi on getting aware about her stolen makeup, tell other girls to either share their make-up or she will not participate in tasks, contestants decide to return her the make-up by taking a promise in return to participate in tasks.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 43 23 November 2015, Priya Malik, Salman Khan,
angry Rochelle and Kieshwar on Rimi rejecting to submit her make up

Morning is welcomed with the song ‘Allah Duhai Hai’, the contestant tried to enjoy the chilled Morning by dipping into the pools, Kanwaljeet the old man joined the contestants.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 43 23 November 2015, Priya Malik, Salman Khan, kieshar
Love-birds in the pool


Next things contestants face this morning is the nominations but not with Bigg boss, this week’s nomination were conducted by Priya Malik, a Big Brother Australia finalist. she asked for two nominations saying she would decide if the nomination is to be accepted or rejected.

On the  basis of the votes: Rimi, Rochelle and Mandana were nominated, while Bigg Boss asked for two names from the captain Kieshwar: she nominated Rishabh for his confused personality and Digangna for being quiet and ill.

Late in the evening, Priya makes her much awaited wild card entry, initially all seem excited but internally all especially Kieshwar and Suyyash looked intimidated with her presence.

upfront Priya is seen presenting her firm viewpoint on each person while spending time with people individually and in groups. Mandana asked her on who her favorite contestant in the house is, to which the Big brother girl, right away says “nobody”, as the contestants are so inconsistent, including ‘You’ she said to Mandana, no one can decide upon one favorite contestant.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 43 23 November 2015

Priya is seen telling everyone that this house is very inconsistent, nobody raises a voice for any wrongdoing, even after reaching the 6th week nobody takes stands even not even the one who is bullied. she calls Kieshwar as someone coming across as a bully and said others are coming across as foolish who let her bully them and for being scared of their group. she urges all to voice their opinion.

while advised Rimi sen to respect her fans and change her attitude as she is coming out to be very disrespectful.

Rimi and Rochelle alone are seen talking about Priya, and naming her an ‘interesting character’.

Bigg Boss 9 ,Day 43 23 November 2015
Priya mailk in bigg boss 9


later, Diganagna is seen discussing with Kieshwar as to why she nominated her, to which she replied because she could never nominate Prince and Suyyash and hence there was nothing personal against her. While at the same time Priya outside in the garden area is talking to Pince asking him to not behave like a Neta but behave like a sher and tells him to take some action, not under kieshwar and Suyyash’s influence. On the other hand, Prince, Suyyash, Kishwer and Kawaljeet realize that all housemates have opened up to Priya during the nominations and are seen having a conversation about it with them.

In the night after lights went off thanks to Priya that someone was seen awake, she was seen discussing breaking the Kieshwar and group.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 43 came to an end where Priya looked like she could persuade a lot of people with her tactics and charm as the new Maalik of the house.







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