Aamir Khan : I and Kiran are not planning to leave India

Aamir Khan : I and Kiran are not planning to leave India-

After a day of dispute over the stars statement over growing intolerance where he said that ‘the increase in the number of incidents in past like a mob killing over beef-eating rumours and controversial statements by members of the ruling BJP or allied groups and attacks on rationalists has made the topic of intolerance as a heated issue in the nation and is really ‘alarming’.

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some lines of the whole interview which were highlighted went viral, re-heating the not so settling intolerance issue.

aamir khan and KIran rao
Aamir Khan : I and Kiran are not planning to leave India

Aamir Khan : I and Kiran are not planning to leave India

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 The actor Aamir Khan has come forward to give his first statement after a day long controversy, saying that he would stick to his initial statement said a day before yesterday said at the Ramnath Goenka excellence in journalism awards on Monday.

On Wednesday afternoon, He clarified that “I and Kiran are not planning to leave the country “, The former statement has been presented in completely wrong manner and a bad light.

‘Do not need anybody’s certificate to prove my patriotism for the nation, I am proud to be born in this country. we have to preserve the beauty of this nation, by preserving the secularity and equality’ He said.

He Thanked all the people who stood by him, while he said ‘all those who targeted him and all the backlash proves his ideology about certain people and their intolerance to be true’.

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This statement has come out at the times when Political parties went ahead just like in Shahrukh Khan’s case telling hm to go to Pakistan, veteran actor ‘Anupam Kher’ asking him which country he would like to go to, to people ridiculing him, releasing open letters after being disappointed, facing religious backlash not just from Hindu’s but Muslim community as well. people calling him a treachery, and comparing his interview to his interview given to a news channel where he said the atmosphere of the country is becoming positive.



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  1. I support you Mr. khan . Because whatever we say or believe but its very much true that due to corruption and wrong use of political power. india and Indians both are not at all safe .
    If we go to police they not at all try to help us.
    If we go to councillor he said I am busy
    I mean if u want a license u don’t need to give test just give 3k and ur license will come at ur home

    If u go to police for making a Fir of teasing of boys to ur sister , they will not at try to investigate.
    And after that thing that guys will rape ur sister and burn her alive . on the flyover.
    After that police will arrest those guys .
    Bullshit system and lots of corruption .
    You r absolutely right Sir.
    India and Indians not at all safe.


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