Siya Ke Ram 25 November 2015: Ram’s Homecoming

Siya Ke Ram 25 November 2015: Ram’s Homecoming

continuing from the last episode, Sita entered Shiva mandir, where Shrutkirti had gone to take Mandvi’s ball, but go trapped by the attacking snake, looking at this Sita patiently bows down to pray to the ‘Naag dev’. Everybody is surprised to see this, hugging Shrutikirti she tells her ‘there is nothing to worry now’.

Dasharatha tells his servicemen that every corner of the palace should be lit, the palace should not be under any darkness, “my sons are returning”.

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Ram returning to Ayodhya from Gurkul.

“Jagat Satyam Brahm Mithya” is the song been sung by  Rishi Jawwali and his followers in wait of the princes, Looking at this Ayodhya’s temple priest says “Jawwali and his people are spoiling the environment of the Kingdom”. as the rishi in his caravan reaches in front of the temple he is stopped by the pujari who tells him to walk off, while Jawwali’s response shakes him, Pujari tells him, He would be destroyed, Jawwali says ‘i’ll make sure not before you”.

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  Siya Ke Ram 25 November 2015: Ram’s Homecoming

On reaching Ayodhya, the boys are surprised to see the developments and get Nostalgic about different places in the kingdom. Meanwhile, Prince’s caravan confronts the Rishi Jawwali’s Caravan, Ram gets down his chariot as his is about to greet the Rishi, he is interrupted by him saying I have always been bow down by people in humiliation to which Ram says “We greet in honour too”. while Jawwali is surprised over Ram remembering him after so many years, Ram responds ‘memories have nothing to do with one’s age’. jawwali says, Ram, you are Ayodhya’s hope. As they leave Rishi cries out loud to Ram, if he never gets an answer to his questions, he is free to come to him as only he will have their answer.

Desperate Dasharatha glitters with joy on hugging his sons,he tells them “these many years I have spent somehow, but your Journey from Guru Vashisht’s ashram to home, has been the longest wait ever, as if the time stopped, now that you are back I would not let you go away even for a moment’.

While, the boys are excited to meet their mothers, Dashrath  informs as a form of etiquette they have to first pray to the ancestors hence spend a night in ‘Smriti Van’.

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Sita’s sisters are busy describing Sita’s miraculous act of praying away Naag Dev, Janak feels happy listening to this, Shrutkirti’s mother gets worried and calls it inauspicious. Janak cuts her to tell her it’s just a matter of perception.

Janak’s soldiers enter the palace to tell him that another king is planning to attack them, after listening to this Janak tells his younger brother KushalDhwaj, ‘after the news is confirmed we will decide what is to be done’.

with this the show comes to an end, while Ram meeting his mother tomorrow let us see what Sita has in store.


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