Bigg Boss 9 Day 45 25th November 2015 – Bigg Boss dairy is very teary

Bigg Boss 9 Day 45 25 November 

The newcomers Kanwaljeet and Priya get into an argument, this all begins when Rishabh says that Kawaljeet has double standards, Kawaljeet points out that Rishabh has begun thinking like Priya now. Priya gets back to Kanwaljeet saying he never acts his age, and speaks inappropriately, while after she calls Kawaljeet  a ‘pig’ , the other tells her that she does not have a good mouth, later the discussion being that he is trying to play the “age card”.

Knawaljeet day 45
Bigg Boss 9 Day 45 25 November – Bigg Boss dairy is very teary

Morning freshness of ‘Subah Ho Gayi Mamu’, Priya using her sharp mind to tell Rimi the strategies to get her team to win the task.

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Kanwaljeet goes to Rochelle to clear out things with her, she walks away, looking at this Knawaljeet tries to add spice by telling Rochelle that he has been close to Samyukta- Kieth’s ex-wife and he knows him better and before than Rochelle, and he would never approve of her behaviours. vexed Rochelle tells him, not to interfere in her relationship  and not to take her boyfriends name and she does not even care who he is close to or not’.

Bigg Boss 9 day 45
Bigg boss dairy task

Bigg Boss 9 Day 45 25 November

During the day, Blue team members individually get a voice call from ‘Babaji’, He appreciated Mandana and Suyyash but to Rimi He tells her to focus on Winning the task and not just playing for the sake of it. Last but not the least, Priya is shown a video clip, in which the team captain Rimi was seen helping Prince giving him more packets.

Rimi in her defence says that it was an equal distribution of the packets. Priya confronts her and tells her she does not want to loose the game because of Rimi’s mistake and suffer in the luxury task budget. Mandana is surprised and blaming Rimi for lying, taking away Rimi’s makeup in anger.

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During 2nd day of the luxury budget task Priya throws a tissue in opponent team’s milk vessel, Kanwaljeet asks what is this?, to which Rishabh responds it’s a tissue to clean one’s back,  Kanwaljeet taunts her that whether or not people in Australia drink milk like this.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 45 25 November - Bigg Boss dairy is very teary
Kanwaljeet and Priya into an argument, racist or not you decide.

Priya shouts out this to be a racist comment and cries “”I came to my country and this man is being racist against me,” asking for his elimination over the same. Looking at the same girls in house get together over Kanwaljeet’s behavior and comments (for the first time people raising voice).

Rochelle, Mandana and Priya and seen discussing Kanwaljeet’s tomfoolery, where Rochelle expresses that she wonders if the josser is friends with Imam (contestant from Bigg boss 6) and  trying to compete with Imam by creating more controversies than him.

The dairy task was teary for sure. Prince’s task is declared the winner.

Contestants planning to take out all the wild cards saying it’s them who deserve to be in the house.

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