‘Anne With An E’ Season 4 Release Date, Plot, Cast: Is it renewed or canceled?

'Anne With An E' Season 4 Release Date, Plot, Cast: Is it renewed or canceled?

Anne with an E originally came out in 2017 and based on a children’s literature known as Anne of Green Gables written by Lucy Maud Montgomery. This show brought a new perspective but also kept the original tale very much alive.

After successfully delivering three seasons, the show was canceled. The show left many storylines unresolved. Fans were determined on getting the show back on screen. It is unclear why the show was canceled. Although it had become evident that the relation between CBC and Netflix was getting uneasy.

A petition was started online which was directed for Netflix to bring the show back. It crossed 600,000 signatures and it has gained recognition for being the biggest campaign to bring a show back in Netflix’s history.

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‘Anne With An E’ Season 4 Release Date: Is it renewed or canceled?

In the past, we have seen many shows come back with the help of a campaign led by its fans. As of now, Netflix has not announced anything on the same. Although with the success that the petition has seen it may come back.

Moira Walley Beckett said in an interview that she would love to write an AWAE feature film. It is unclear if Netflix will get the show back on screen on its own or if it will need CBC’s hand in doing so.

In an Instagram post, Beckett thanked the fans and said that she has tried to change their minds. They also tried to find a new home and they even tried to make a finale movie happen. So, it looks like creators did try their best to bring the show back.

However, we cannot rule out the possibility of it coming back. It may be picked up by another Network looking at the fan following the show has gained. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that the show comes back. We will have to wait for any announcement that happens ahead.

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‘Anne With An E’ Season 4 Plot: What will the plot be, if the shows renew?

Season three ended abruptly and there were so many storylines that had to be explored. In season two we saw how Cole and Anne became best friends. He was a new addition in the show, and he brought a queer representation to the show.

His journey of discovering himself was displayed in season two. Aunt Josephine invited him to live with her in Charlottetown. Aunt Jo also revealed that she is gay. When Cole came out to Aunt Jo and Anne, Aunt jo felt connected to Cole. She decided to help him find his place in this world.

In season three we didn’t see much of Cole. It would be interesting to see what happened after he came out; did he find someone? How coming out changed his life? There are sure a lot of possibilities with this storyline.

In season three, Diana and Jerry were dating. However, with time, issues built up in their relationship. Diana’s parents put constant pressure on her to become a perfect lady. because of which she started seeing Jerry.

In the hope of getting away from the pressure and have some fun, she started seeing Jerry. But things don’t turn out to be favorable, as Diana and Jerry develop issues that lead to fights.

At the end, when Diana expressed her wish to stop seeing Jerry. He asked her why she wanted to do so. Diana threw the presents he gave her in front of him and walked away.

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When Diana refused her parent’s wishes, she and Jerry didn’t get the chance to talk things through. Even though Diana was not in love with him she had to talk to Jerry about the same as Jerry was left thinking Diana didn’t like him.

Sebastian LaCroix aka Bash was an addition to the show. In season three, Bash and his family provided the emotional base to the show. After the death of his wife Mary, Bash was seen grieving throughout the season.

On top of that, he was also trying to accept the return of his mother. He was also seen spending time with Miss Stacey, and they hit it off. Since both lost their spouses it was suggested by Mrs. Rachel that it may develop into something more.

This was another plot that could have been explored in season four. While they both shared some intense chemistry, nothing happened in the end. It would be interesting to see if it does grow into something more than just friendship.

Ka’Kwet held the most painful story and while the characters disappeared from this storyline it became tough to understand if anything was ever going to change for them. Ka’Kwet was sent to residential school for re-education like any other First Nations children.

She was treated with cruelty and was held as a prisoner by the school. She somehow managed to run from the school and find her parents again. However, this happiness was short-lived as the goons found her and took her away by threatening her parents.

Anne was left stunned by the whole situation and the Cuthberts tried doing everything to help Ka’Kwet parents. However, there was only little that they could do when the government was firm on sticking to the school’s side.

'Anne With An E' Season 4 Release Date, Plot, Cast: Is it renewed or canceled?
‘Anne With An E’ Season 4: Is it renewed or canceled?

The show may have explored this situation. We have seen light in the darkest times of this show there could have been a possibility of some development here as well. Over the period of a few seasons, we also saw how talented Anne was as a writer, activist, and journalist.

Towards the end of season three, Anne left for college and was ready to start her new life. However, what happens in this next part of her life could be explored if another season was on the table.

Just like that Gilbert and Anne’s relationship had just begun and it could be explored more to see where this relationship goes over a period. If they would get married like in the book or if they would grow apart?

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‘Anne With An E’ Season 4 Cast: Who will be starring in the upcoming outing?

If season four ever happens we may see Ammybeth Mcnulty as Anne Shirley-Cuthbert, Dalila Bella as Diana Barry, Lucas Jade Zumann as Gilbert Blythe, Aymeric Jett Montaz as Jerry Baynard, Joanna Douglas as Miss Muriel Stacey and Dalmar Abuzeid as Sebastian Lacroix.

However, it is still not confirmed we will have to wait to see who will come back if the show or movie ever comes back.

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