Anupam Kher Leads March Against ‘Intolerance’ Protests in Delhi

NEW DELHI: The Capital today saw a protest against the fevering protest in the nation, a march led by Anupam Kher  under the name “campaign for truth”, to the Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi which was a voice raised against the voices raised over “intolerance” in the nation.

“Patriotism gives us a feeling of self-worth. Join us on this historical day at National Museum, Janpath at 10 AM””, was Mr Kher’s tweeted I the morning to urge people to join him.

As the actor has been claiming that it is a step by the filmmakers, laureates and historians of returning their national awards. Honours is not right, such acts are not presenting a good picture of our country to the world, these demeaning and pernicious acts are misleading everyone on the name of ‘intolerance’ but are intended  to target the ruling party under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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He said, he comes from a background, where the nation is put first and they are told to love and respect the nation and their beliefs, “Nobody has the right to call our country intolerant. We are secular people and don’t believe in selective outrage.I have right to go to the President and say that. We don’t feel India is intolerant. These talks can’t happen only on twitter/ Facebook, they need a personal presence”.

The march saw, huge support by people from diverse fields such as writers, painters and artists, the common man joined the same in large numbers. the march was joined by some of the renowned names like Madhur Bhandarkar, Chandra Prakash Dwivedi, Narendra Kohli, Ronu Majumdar and many others.

Their simple question was, ‘what has happened in past 14 months that did not happen in past sixty years that have made the country so ‘intolerant’ for them’.

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In a tweet where he wrote hash-tagging – award wapsi, by the filmmakers is an insult to the audience who watch their films, to which one of the protesters of ‘intolerance’ movement, Dibakar Banerjee  said ‘Anupam Kher has the right to be happy, as the awards were not returned to make someone happy but was an emotional decision’.

Similar marches were held at few other cities as well, as a form of protests for the same.

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  1. The Divide and Rule is the basis of Indian politics since ancient times. Our leaders know how to mislead and keep the people in dark about real issues and problems. At present the government is finding it very difficult to control the menace of rising prices of essential commodities. So they need to divert the attention of the people . The politics of INTOLERANCE may prove to be big diverter. So the emphasis is on this issue. More over the division of people on communal lines may benefit some of the political parties.


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