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Here are the written updates of Ishq Ka Rang Safed 7th November 2015 Episode. It all started with Dasharath was angry and said that his family members do not follow the rules of the house and asked when would Viplav came home back. Then Viplav arrived wearing Rakshas multi-headed mukut and said that he was Viplav’s Rakshas. Sushma asked what happened to him. Viplav thought about the Dhaani’s words and replied that he was Rakshas.

He asked her to stay happy and said that he needed to talk to her. Dasharath tried to ask something to Viplav. But Viplav said that he was not in the mood for the questions to be answered. Dasharath asked what he was doing. Viplav takes out the mukut and said they could not do its dahan. He tolds them good night and asked Sushma to come with him. Dasharath looked tensed.

Later, Dhaani in Ashram thought about Viplav and cried. The song played “Ishq Ka Rang Safed”…Dadi asked him to give Ravan’s head. She made him sit and asked what was the matter and said that does anything happened. Viplav said that Dhaani slapped him when everyone was there. She had some doubt on him and she felt that he want to took the Ashram. He said he left his Ashram after analyzing their pain and the girls had doubts on his intentions.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 7th November 2015

He asked could he do such deed. Sita Maayi said that Dhaani asked us to make the Ashram look beautiful with decorations because she does not want to see everyone sad. Dulaari said that they could not ignore the truth and added that she was afraid of Viplav might come back to Ashram. She said she does not want him to be here. Dhaani arrived. Suwarna felt of vomiting sensations and suddenly vomits. Everyone got worried.

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Raj asked Viplay he had gotten the theif said that he was the Ashram protector and Dhaani’s care taker. Viplav said that he was not protector and told that Dhaani and everyone here were so selfish. He regrets for trusting all of them. Raj Lakshmi asked Suwarna what had happened to her. Suwarna said she had vomitted as she consumed banarasi pan. Dhaani arrived and helped her to have medicines. Kanak told Dasharath that she was going to temple and said she would celebrate Diwali there with full joy. She praised Dasharath’s thought and thanked him. Dasharath asked her to show flowers and throwed some of them in the periphery of his feet. He asked her keep under his shield for fortune things to happen. She asked if he was going somewhere else. Dasharath asked her not to ask any questions. Kanak thought she had to take care of him.

Dasharath came to Durga and gave her flowers for pooja asked her to do the rituals of the pooja. He asked he to wish for Tripurari’s marriage with a good girl. He said Tripurari would marry whereever they want. Durga apologized and said that she had choosed a girl for Tripurari. She took Dhaani’s name. Dasharath asked Ashram widow Dhaani. Then Dhaani arrived at Viplav’s home. Viplav said that he do not believed that Dhaani was here at Rakshas home from Tarni Ashram. Servent started serving water. Viplav told it was poison for her and throwed the same on floor. He broke the glass with anger. Dasharath told Tripurari that Dhaani was a good girl, but she become a widow in such a young age. He said she was a widow though. Durga said she likes Dhaani a lot and left the discussion for the Tripurari. Tripurari thought why they want to give your grandson’s utara. He thought to accept the proposal and started smiling.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 7th November 2015
Ishq Ka Rang Safed 7th November 2015

Viplav asked Servant to ask Dhaani, what she wants. Dhaani asked him to leave and said she would talk to Vipav face to face. Vipav came closer to her and walked on the broken glass pieces while hurting his feet. Viplav asked her to be slapped on the another cheek also.

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