Apple iPhone 7 Release Date in India: Features, Specifications and Price [Leaks Updated]

Apple iPhone 7 Release Date: According to the rumours surfaced recently, we are likely to witness the launch of the new Apple flagship smartphone ‘iPhone 7’ next month, September 2016. The news has generated hype in the smartphone world and many publications have already revealed the prototype models of how this device would look like. The latest speculation is that the company might put forward a 265 GB internal storage variant in production this year.

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As per DigiTimes reports, “The NAND flash vendors such as Samsung and SK Hynix have hiked the prices for their chips and processors as per the increasing demand for forthcoming devices, especially the Apple iPhone 7 which would also feature a huge 265 GB internal space capacity.” Only Apple could tell how iPhone 7 would look like and what features it would sport. These details are still a mystery, but leaks have given us pretty much idea about the design and form factor of the smartphone.

According to the reports by various publications, the NAND chip prices would increase till the fourth quarter of this year because of Apple’s high consumption. Sources also revealed that Apple has ordered a huge amount of chips to fulfil + manufacture required numbers of smartphones before the release of iPhone 7. Last year i.e., in 2015, Cupertino tech titan bought 15 % of total NAND chips to manufacture Apple iPhone 6 and 6s franchise.

Apple iPhone 7 Release Date

The topic of everybody’s concern is whether the 265GB handset will be produced for both iPhone 7 & 7 Plus or only for the latter. The bigger variant – iPhone 7 Plus is likely to sport a dual camera module on its back to capture more bright and clear shots.

Apple iPhone 7 Release Date

After the Wall Street Journal stated that Apple will no longer be producing a 16GB internal space variant for its upcoming flagship models as it caused great trouble to the consumers in running out of storage quickly. Now that Apple ditched the 16GB option for a better 32GB variant, new reports were proposed a month later pointing out the large increment in the storage option.

The world’s best and leading smartphone manufacturer Apple will be releasing its upcoming two flagship killer devices in three variants – 32GB, 128GB, and 265GB respectively. With this extended storage, the consumers will probably never face the problem of shortage of space in near future.

Apple iPhone 7 Release Date
Apple iPhone 7 Release Date

If somehow, Apple decides to release a smartphone with 265GB option, it would not be the first one to do so. Another not-so-popular company Asus has this title for Zenfone Deluxe which offers this mammoth internal storage option with 6GB of RAM. It is the crucial time for Apple to maintain its height and level with the changing market.

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