Home Entertainment BB Ki Vines: Titu Talks Episode 3 [Watch]: Tears Rolls Down As We Watch Bhuvan Bam’s Latest Video

BB Ki Vines: Titu Talks Episode 3 [Watch]: Tears Rolls Down As We Watch Bhuvan Bam’s Latest Video

BB Ki Vines: Titu Talks Episode 3 [Watch]: Tears Rolls Down As We Watch Bhuvan Bam’s Latest Video

Bhuvan Bam addressed the most important topic which most News Agencies have failed to address. In his Titu Talks Episode 3, BB talks about the problems being faced by Migrant Workers, Farmers, and LGBT Community amid the Corona Virus global pandemic.

BB Ki Vines released the latest installment to his Titu Talks, which he often refers to as “Sasta Version of Koffee With Karan, on 25th May 2020 at 3:00 PM.

While everyone is busy exploiting the YouTube vs TikTok controversy to get views on their channels. BB has done something totally different and unexpected at the same time. (Read: Who Has Most Instagram Live Stream Viewers Record?)

titu talks episode 3 bb ki vines

We all were waiting that he would reply or share his thoughts about the ongoing rivalry between the two platforms, he has addressed the things overlooked by the youth and media houses.`

Titu Talks’ series was started to reflect/showcase the lives of celebrities behind the camera and to know them much better as a person. We forget that common man is the greatest power driving the world and it’s the celebrity representing its nation.

Bhuvan Bam – BB Ki Vines Titu Talks Episode 3 – Lifelines of Society

In the introduction, Bhuvan mentions the hypocrisy of media channels are showing nowadays. And that the privileged people who have food, electricity, and money are nothing thinking of others. Nobody is speaking of the hardships faced by a common man; the likes of labor community, farmers, LGBT, and migrant workers.

They are too busy showing the lives of rich actors and politicians, how they spend their time during the lockdown. No one has touched on the topic of middle-class people living in society. (Read: Amit Bhadana Crosses 20 Million Subscribers.)

BB refers to TikTok as to where was it when the Spanish Flu pandemic breakout occurred in 1918. Bhuvan talks to four categories of people discuss how the lockdown has affected their lives and what can be done to provide them resources to at least sustain food two times a day.

  1. Husband – Labour & Wife – House Help
    Unbeknownst to the circumstances they would have to face during the pandemic, they did not expect that times will be tough that it will be hard to score 2 meals in a day. People have disowned them and their government has neglected them. Tears drop down as they tell their tale and BB asks us to at least call the maids/workers to know their whereabouts.
  2. Farmers
    Touching the topics of hefty prices of pesticides, how thunderstorm has degraded the crops and that police beat them while going to market to get their essentials. Farmers face the scorching heat while privileged people are enjoying the cool breeze of AC.
  3. LGBT Community
    He takes some time to reflect on how easy it has become to spread hate online. Calling each other names and attack the opposite gender with harsh comments. (Indirectly mentioning the ongoing YouTube vs TikTok feed)Two transgenders mention how society gives them ‘eyes’ while collecting the Meal being distributed for the underprivileged people in Govt. Schools. In the end, Bhuvan sings their favorite ‘Suraj Hua Maddham’ song.
  4. Dairy Farming
    Whose appetite should we fulfill, ours’ or cows’? Two dairy farmers explain the difficulty faced amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

The stories from BB Titu Talks Episode 3 will definitely numb your heart. Make sure to share the article with your friends. (check: most liked youtube videos.)

Last but not least guest Harteerath Singh, an NGO owner, and social worker, sheds light on the brutal conditions and extreme difficulties people are facing right now. Talking about how he has helped those in need including the likes of a 9 months pregnant lady with no food supply, he brings tears to roll down our cheeks.

At the end of BB Ki Vines Titu Talks Ep 3, he admits to sharing all the money earned through this video to verified charities and NGOs. And encourage us to share the video as much as possible and aims for 5 Million likes. He asks us to help nearby people or someone we know who is going through this tough time.

The video is currently trending at #3 spot with 500K views and 800K likes. (check: youtube videos with most dislikes.)

Hope you liked the content, stay tuned for more Bhuvan Bam Titu Talks episode details.


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