MCU Fans Signing Petition To Keep Beyonce Off of Black Panther Sequel: Petition Goes Viral

Black Panther & Beyonce

The heart-throbbing singer, Beyonce is expected to star in the upcoming 18th Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film Black Panther 2. But fans have something else in mind, they have started a petition on demanding to “Keep Beyonce Off Of Black Panther Sequel.”

Earlier this week, The Sun reported that Beyonce is in talks to sign a deal with Marvel Universe for producing a title track of Black Panther 2. However, the rumors were debunked by Variety’s Senior film writer Matt Donnelly as he revealed that there is no news of Beyonce signing a contract with Marvel.

MCU Fans Signing Petition To Keep Beyonce Off of Black Panther Sequel: Petition Goes Viral 1
Black Panther & Beyonce

The petition is started by Torrence S, asking Marvel and The Walt Disney Company to change the cast of upcoming Black Panther sequel. Fans have cited numerous reasons as to why she should not star in the movie.

Fans urged Beyonce to keep singing as she is excellent in this department. According to Torrence, she does not have acting skills whatsoever and she has not done theater in her life, so it will be better for all if Beyonce stays away from Black Panther 2.

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Torrence S suggested that she should be replaced by other deserving candidates who can also act well. ”For better ideas of a better actress to fill the role, we suggest that she be replaced by Rihanna, Zoe Saldana, Zoe Kravitz, or Zazie Beetz,” the petition reads.”Reasons being is because we know the movie will gross immensely but the overall turnaround for the movie will be tarnished if it is too meet the standards of its predecessor, Black Panther.”

As of right now, the petition has been signed by 27 thousand people with a goal of 35 thousand.

keep beyonce off of Black Panther 2
keep beyonce off of Black Panther 2

The Sun reported that Beyonce is on track to sign deals worth $100 Million with Disney. “She has worked on a number of projects for them, including voicing Nala in the reboot of The Lion King, and now they’re keen to secure her for more projects,” the source reported.

Stay tuned with TCD for more updates.

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