Bigg boss 9 7th November 2015 Day 27 Episode: Salman Khan Classes With House Members

Bigg boss 9 7th November 2015 Day 27 EpisodeToday’s episode looked considerably subtle as compared to other Saturday’s. Though Bollywood’s bad boy never fails to charm us with his humanity which we witnessed on Shandaar Shanivaar.

Salman enters the house through ‘Me Tv’ and welcomes the two new wild card entrants Rishabh and Puneet, calling the former one an ‘enthusiastic cutlet’, for having brought a zeal to the show.

Salman began with a little joke by congratulating Rimi and Rishabh. Over his yesterday’s marriage proposal to Rimi in the ‘Date Task’, through a mocked photograph of them getting married, then having children and children who would walk on Rimi’s foot step’s by being silent.

A video clipping showing PRDP from the house not ‘Prem ratan Dhan payo’ but ‘Prince ka raat ko diya paratha’ to Yuvika calling her doll and  he proposed the girl in front of all the gharwalas, where she was seen blushing. On the other hand, this story seems to be taking a crush tri-angle, as Yuvika at the deserted corner of the house silently expresses her liking towards Rishabh and calls Prince’ expression of his “pyaar-atha” as one-sided.

Bigg boss 9 7th November 2015 Day 27 Episode

On asking the contestants who amongst the nominated contestants they want to see going, most voted Mandana(6 votes). But audiences vote have saved her. While Mandana shed tears on being safe and chanted Rimi’s song of going back to her home, to which irritated
Salman indirectly conveyed to Rimi Sen that she is appearing very irritating and calls her callous and bogus, called this boring and mundane behavior as her strategy, but at the same time he showed her potentials.

House members observed that ever since Yuvika is nominated she has started holding opinions over everything. To which Salman supported her by singing “Hum bolega toh bologe ki bolta hai”.

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One event that Salman did criticize was one that went from being bad to disgusting, Kieshwar herself accepted that Kieshwar and Keith spitting in water, that was being served to Rishabh, was a task gone too far. While this led to an argument between Aman and Kieshwar where she got furious over him for not stopping her then and in front of Salman, he was behaving all mature and calling others wrong. When asked for Rishabh’s reaction on the same, he said he forgives him as it’s all Karma.

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Bigg boss 9 7th November 2015 Day 27 Episode
Bigg boss 9 7th November 2015 Day 27 Episode

A phone call for Rishabh ‘asked if his changed and calm behavior was because he was scared of Kieshwar and Prince. To which he replied, he is not scared of anyone and has not changed, he would continue to entertain everyone.

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Let us wait for tomorrow’s episode where one evicted member out of Rimi, Suyash, Yuvika, Digangana will get the opportunity to meet their families for Diwali.

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