Bigg Boss 9 Day 102 21st January 2016: Rishabh and Rochelle Come Out Of House To Meet Their Fans!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 102 21st January 2016: ‘Chalo Ishq ladayein’ is the morning tune for the four finalists. Mandana is nostalgic recollecting memories from the past while expressing her happiness for surviving till the end.All four finalists were seen discussing their journeys sharing good old memories.


Bigg Boss 9 Day 102 21 January, Bigg Boss 9, rishabh, rochelle

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One of the last task introduced by Bigg boss named “Shikayatein”, in the task each contestant was allotted 3 test tubes filled with a diffrent color elixir which they would be protecting throughout. The task was to empty out the other’s elixir, they will have to ring the bell, and giving a valid reason, they would empty one person’s test tube. While those left with a maximum number of filled test tubes, would be given the opportunity to travel out of the house, to meet their fans and do a vote appeal to them.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 102 21 January, Bigg Boss 9, rishabh, rochelle

Just like always Mandana and Prince got into an argument over petty issues from the past which eventually turned into a fight. It got so ugly that Mandana snatched a plate of food from Prince while he was eating it. This time, the very active, Rochelle chooses a ‘no interference’ policy, hence, says nothing while this argument was happening. Rishabh tells Mandana that she understands what she is saying but her act of snatching the food was not right. Later, Rochelle goes to her ‘very favorite’ from beginning Mandana to tranquilize her asking her to boost up in the last moments and asks her to be a sport.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 102 21st January 2016

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Bigg Boss announced Rochelle and Rishabh as the winners of the task “Shikayatein’, giving them an opportunity to visit a mall, where they had to ask for a vote appeal,they got an hours time to ask for the same, by being in a cage and a perform for them to ask for live voting, the two were crowded and loved by the crowd wich went crazy after them.

Losing an opportunity to meet his fans Prince being at home makes an appeal to his fans to make him the winner for the show. Staying back at home Prince and Mandana initially have small and cute tiff which eventually turn into a good conversation that by the end of it, Prince was giving Mandana a foot massage. One can say that the two for the first time bonded well while also sharing a dinner by the Jacuzzi.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 102 21 January, Bigg Boss 9, rishabh, rochelle

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In the Midnight Rochelle and Rishabh are back, and highly elevated they share their experience of how much love and acceptance they got from their fans, people recognized them, they are known faces and the responses by all are overwhelming for them.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 102 21 January, Bigg Boss 9, rishabh, rochelle

Tomorrow contestant get to take a look at their journey and shed some tears of remembrance.


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