Bigg Boss 9 Day 49 29th November 2015 Episode – ‘Dilwale’ Salman giving contestants a chance to win 20 Lakh

Bigg Boss 9 Day 49 29th November 2015 Episode – Bigg Boss asked Priya to rank contestants as a viewer. she ranked all starting with Rishabh as the number one followed by Mandana, Prince, Rochelle, kieshwar, Suyyash, Digangna and Rimi. While Kieshwar questioned Priya’s decision of ranking Rishabh as number one saying ‘it is in the friendship that she ranked him first’.

Salman welcomed back Keith and directly jumped to Rimi and Mandana for having lost the ‘golden chance’ of leaving the house. He correlated the situation with the story “Sher aya”. He takes a dig at Diganaga for not having the competitive spirit. Contestants say that they have realized that it was all the tactics and “reverse psychology” which was used to astray the contestants and viewers.

Priya said Rimi wants the money, but she questioned the act and calls it easy money making which is wrong. she has been fooling all from past so many weeks while its others fault to make her comfortable one should have the spirit to work and earn. “I have been working from the age of 15 and I crave for work each day- Salman said”.

Pointing at Kieshwar and her group Priya said – ‘It is their strategy to save Rimi so that in later days she becomes the easy target to be voted out.

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Bigg Boss 9 Day 49 29th November 2015 Episode

Contestants were asked to take off the cowbells from “dairy task” cow’s neck, and put it on the person they think should not stay in the house, everybody including Rimi herself, put it on her.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 49 29 November, Bigg Boss 9, Salman Khan, Kriti Sanon , Varun Dhawan

Bigg Boss 9 Day 49 29 November, Bigg Boss 9, Salman Khan, Kriti Sanon , Varun Dhawan

Next we see Kriti Sanon and Varun Dhawan enter the house to promote ‘Dilwale’, who bring a lot of tasks for the contestants. they asked Digangna and Rishabh to performed on ‘suraj hua madhham’ with a hula-hoop, they surely proved they have some chemistry . next was Prince and Mandana and then Kanwaljeet also known as “Kamli”.

bigg boss 9

On coming out, Kriti tells Salman that Varun didn’t want to come out of the house, discussing that girls are stronger and fun than the boys in the house.

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Varun requested Salman to enact a scene with Kriti from ‘hum dil de chuke sanam’ because he wants to prove himself as a director to his father and brother, which was very well performed by the two.

Bigg Boss 9 - Kriti and salman
Bigg Boss 9 – Kriti and salman

Later, Salman grooved to a song from their movie.

After they leave Salman again enters the house, repeating the “frog and scorpion story” that Priya told Rishabh on the second day. Salman asked who is who to which Priya calls Rochelle as frog and Mandana as the scorpion.

Everybody rolls out of laughter when the discussion around not understanding the task starts, Kieshwar says every wild card  entrant informs them how funny it is that they do not understand the task, but once they are part of it, they themselves don’t understand it.

Salman says there will be a ‘task card’ which they are supposed to read thoroughly as he is going to give them a chance to win ‘double’ the money, ie: 2 lakh rupees through a task.

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Surely this task will churn the emotions of contestants in return of money let us see how.

The Bigg Boss 9 Day 49 29th November 2015 Episode came to an end with glimpses of Salman joining the contestants in the house tomorrow.

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